Long distance relationship 2012 nissan

long distance relationship 2012 nissan

Apr 13, Just how practical and cheap to run is the Nissan Leaf? If you do long motorway commutes of km or more the Leaf may not be ideal unless you want Officially the NEDC test puts the Leaf's one-charge range at km. . He and his partner aim to save €2, a month next year for a house deposit. The Nissan Leaf (Japanese: 日産リーフ) is a compact five-door hatchback electric car .. Nissan explained that these ratings are not comparable because and Nissan added more battery capacity which increased the range of the car on a .. with QuickDrop battery swapping developed by its alliance partner Renault. Save money on one of 58 used Nissan Xterras in Denver, CO. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert and consumer car reviews, dealer reviews, car.

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This is a significant increase in accuracy over the previously tested car which showed 65mph indicated The other parameters of the test that were consistent with the previous Feb 22 test: We will have to make a correction to the final data to account for the missing 4.

I rode right seat in the car while owner John performed the driving art with his shiny new metallic slate color car.

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We had some light rain for the first third of the course. I did my best to correlate the odometer range with the Google maps calculated range at each check point along the course. The cars showed 5 temperature bars on the battery temperature gauge, and the dash ambient temperature gauge showed 52F 11C to 54F 13C during the drive.

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The second third of the course was dry. We were not able to maintain a steady kmh on the course today, mostly due to Friday afternoon traffic. In addition to the exits and ramps between the freeways, there were two separate traffic slow downs on the freeway.

The first was northbound on the Interstate 5 freeway about 5 to 10 miles south of Oceanside, and the second was 1 to 5 miles east of Escondido on the California 78 freeway eastbound.

Of course, both cars experienced the same traffic at the same time.

long distance relationship 2012 nissan

The final results are as follows: The car did substantially the same range as the car tested on Feb 22, The car performed very similarly to the car used as an comparison example in the Feb 22, test. By Melanie May Thursday 13 Apr2: But is it a practical family hatchback? And is it really that much cheaper to run than a similar sized petrol or diesel powered car? In terms of space the Leaf is every bit as roomy and practical as other popular hatchbacks and the boot is a generous litres with all seats in place.

long distance relationship 2012 nissan

It has plenty of safety features, scored a full five-stars in the EuroNCAP safety tests and there is a decent amount of kit as standard. So it compares well to most other five-door hatches. Newspress It feels nippy around town and even on the motorway it is quite capable.

long distance relationship 2012 nissan

It is a little dull to drive — but what the Leaf lacks in engagement it makes up for in refinement. The powertrain is near silent and road and wind noise are well dampened, making this one smooth and relaxing car to drive. Newspress What about the range?

long distance relationship 2012 nissan

If you do long motorway commutes of km or more the Leaf may not be ideal unless you want to spend up to 40 minutes, possibly more, charging up every km or so.

However, if you get a home charger installed, live near a charging point or have access to a charging point at work then perhaps the Leaf will work for you. It takes about eight hours using a home charger to charge from empty to full.

Using this function down seven kilometres of steep road I increased the remaining range from 24km to 45km.

long distance relationship 2012 nissan