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Jun 27, Warner Bros. hired a Christian marketing company to pitch The Man of Steel to churches, on the grounds that this was really a movie about Jesus. As in, people are calling Superman "the Antichrist." “[Superman] is the anti-Christ,” as the Rev. Thomas Reese, a Jesuit priest and. Jun 27, Superman has always had a bit of a messiah complex, born as a Depression and over the years developing and amplifying his Christlike characteristics. Pictures spared no effort in using the Jesus connection to attract the. Jun 15, I went to the theater this week to watch the new Superman movie, and it was . Louis Lane, the famous news reporter, has no connection to Mary Magdalene. . Doesn't the bible say that the final major antichrist is going to.

Jor-el said that it was necessary for Kal-el to go to earth so that he could truly relate to humanity, knowing and experiencing their sufferings, as that would qualify him to be their adequate leader and savior. Similarly, Jesus was Son of Man and Son of God—both humanly and other-worldly—that he might be able to truly relate to us, knowing and experiencing our sufferings, so that he would be qualified as our perfect mediator, leader, and savior.

When General Zod went to destroy Superman and Earth, he erected two giant, magnetic devices on opposite sides of the planet to pulsate a new atmospheric composition and level of gravity—fundamentally reversing the natural order of earth, and making it more like his own dark kingdom.

Likewise, Jesus stands as the only hope for humanity, and the clearest picture of that hope is emblazoned on his stretched frame as he hung at the intersection of the cross, the final junction of justice and peace.

At the end of the movie, an American general tells Superman that they cannot be sure they can trust him. Superman responds that he is one of them—born and raised alongside them—and that his rescuing of them proves he is for them. But ultimately, they must trust his authority over them is good by remembering his rescue of them was good.

In the same way, Jesus rules with all deserving authority, and we can trust that his authority over us is good because his rescue of us was good.

Louis Lane, the famous news reporter, has no connection to Mary Magdalene. I asked the director about this, you can trust me, ha. But if anything, Louis Lane resembles the church, the bride of Christ, who is collectively called to participate in his mission by spreading the news of the saving work of Christ to the world.

December 24, Hello, everyone! Welcome to an exploratory article in to the nature of the Man of Steel, both in etymology and in intent. In other words, we examine what the nature of Superman is, from its historical roots to its present meanings.

Through the Superman Homepage I received an email from a man who wants to be called Thyroros, postulating some rather hard to take-in ideas Great research, good words, and a persuasive style. It was the topic of the article that had me boggled It postulated the idea that Superman was an allegory for the Anti-Christ. Now, now, now, before you start sending me hate mail, realize that at no point have I said that Superman is the Anti-Christ But having read the article, and having found it quite entertaining and more than a little informed, I contacted Steve, the webmaster, and asked if I could make this into a bit of an article for you all Steve Younis is a good man, people.

He doesn't want politics, religion, or anything controversial on this site, and I applaud that. He wants only Superman, which makes sense. So here's a cautioning paragraph that I expect you to read before continuing: You, right now, can hit the exit button on this window and leave this article. If you are easily offended, I encourage you to. What follows is at least controversial, if not anger provoking if you are less into inquiry than say, someone like me, and don't love hearing alternate theories when backed up by evidence.

This article is brought to you by me and Thyroros, and any discussion you have, any objections, and death threats, whatever, they should go towards me. This article was my idea, and I stand by it as intellectual exploration. That said, enough of a prelude, and into the articles at hand: First, we have the article that Thyroros sent me, about the nature of Superman and where he perhaps fits into the general scheme of allegory.

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Begin the words of Thyroros: I know you're gonna hate me for this one, so let's just get started shall we? The Superman Mythos by Thyroros The term superman first entered into modern usage through the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche. This late nineteenth-century German philosopher was vehemently anti-Christian and never tired of condemning the faith as weak, absurd, even detrimental to human development.

While Hitler admired him, and the Nazis are said to have made use of some of his ideas, Nietzsche did not actually share their racist and anti-Semitic views. While many assume Superman is merely a work of science fiction, I do not believe this to be the case. I too grew up amid all the movies the first film starring Christopher Reeve came out the year after I was borncartoons, and TV shows, believing the Man of Steel to be nothing more than a slightly stale and out-dated comic book hero. However, after watching various episodes of Smallville, a very different interpretation of the American icon began to impress itself upon me.

As nonsensical or offensive as some people might think this to be, the tale of Superman represents an allegory of another well-known supernatural, extra-terrestrial being: Before delving into some of the more specific correlations, and often glaring similarities, between these two legendary immortals, there is an important point which needs to be made regarding the nature of angels.

Angels are extra-dimensional and other-worldly travellers who make infrequent appearances throughout the Bible and other related texts. They usually do not have wings, and they almost always appear just like men. The Seraphim and Cherubim are the only two celestial orders consistently described in the Bible which bear wings.

While most angeaologies consider both orders to be angels, the highest orders in fact, neither the Old nor New Testaments refer to them as such. But this is really just a semantic argument that needn't be fully addressed here. Anyway, the English word angel is derived from the Greek angelos which simply means messenger, as does the Hebrew mal'ach, which is used in the Torah, the prophets, and other Hebrew writings.

Many times the humans with whom angels communicate are not even aware of it until the supernatural visitors perform some act obviously beyond the capability of mere mortals. After closely examining all the Biblical references, I was forced to conclude that there is no overwhelming distinction between angels and what modern mythology refers to as aliens.

Now, Satan, if standard Christian doctrine is correct, is a fallen angel, while Kal-El, or Superman, is a stranded, immigrant alien. Objections may arise as angels are said to dwell in heaven while aliens inhabit the supposedly innumerable worlds located in the vast reaches of space. But again, the only difference between the concepts of heaven and space lie in the minds of people who refuse to acknowledge the simple facts. Both exist above and outside the earth, and both are impossible to visit for the majority of living human beings on this planet.

Even now, after thirty-some years of manned space-flight, it still requires the pinnacle of human technology, and the availability of monumental resources, to even consider such undertakings.

We haven't been to the moon in over thirty years according to official sources. Moreover, space remains extremely dangerous. It is a notoriously hostile environment; the slightest mistake or malfunction can bring about instantaneous death for even the most well-trained astronaut. So, heavenly realms and intergalactic space, not that different, right? Okay then, hopefully that matter is settled, and we can move on to Krypton.

As most of us know, Kal-El's homeworld, Krypton, was completely obliterated due to a nuclear reaction at its core, which resulted in the infant Kryptonian's emergency flight to earth. Satan may also be connected with Mars and Astera, depending on one's interpretation of certain Old Testament books such as Ezekiel. Ezekiel states in chapter 28, verse 14 that the former anointed cherub, Satan, "walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire".

It's not a very far stretch of the imagination to connect "the stones of fire" with planets. Please examine the following verses for more details: I will cast thee to the ground Hebrew 'eretz is also often translated as land or earthI will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.

So Satan may have ruled a physical civilization spanning Mars, Astara, and perhaps several moons as well. But he rebelled against his God and King, and was cast to the earth along with a third of the Heavenly Host See Revelation The aforementioned information thus allows us to have a much clearer understanding of the scenario presented in Smallville While I don't disagree with Chloe about the possibility of genetic memory being stored in the DNA, I don't accept that this was necessarily true in Clark's case.

I believe it to be more likely that Jor-El and Kal-El are one person, not father and son. Here's how it works: In order to eventually assume the role of Anti-Christ, Satan devises a seemingly foolproof plan. He clones himself and denies this clone access to certain segments of his memory and powers. This way he will more easily deceive humans into believing that he is a righteous savior rather than evil incarnate. But he makes messages and recordings beforehand which will remind him of certain things at planned intervals.

This will enable him to develop in the most ideal way in order to fit the role of the Christ more perfectly. As additional support for this concept, let us explore the meanings of the principal character's names belonging to the Superman mythos: Another interesting possible derivation of this name is from the Biblical Kenites first mentioned in Genesis Adding an "i" to the end of a name in Hebrew indicates the people or descendants of that personage. Martin Luther was a Catholic monk and theologian turned Protestant reformer Henry Morris discusses this passage in a perceptive manner: In the New Testament, of course, this term is used with reference to all who have been born again through personal faith in Christ John 1.

Not one of these examples, however, uses the same phrase as Genesis 6. Neither the descendants of Seth nor true believers of any sort have been previously referred to in Genesis as sons of God in any kind of spiritual sense and, except for Adam himself, they could not have been sons of God in a physical sense.

In context, such a meaning would be strained, to say the least, in the absence of any kind of explanation. The only obvious and natural meaning without such clarification is that these beings were sons of God, rather than of men, because they had been created, not born. Such a description, of course, would apply only to Adam Luke 3. There is no doubt at all that, in these passages, the meaning applies exclusively to the angels.

A very similar form bar elohim is used in Daniel 3. This also was the meaning placed on the passage by the Greek translators of the Septuagint, by Josephus, by the writer of the ancient apocryphal book of Enoch, and by all the other ancient Jewish interpreters and the earliest Christian writers.

Apparently the first Christian writers to suggest the Sethite interpretation were Chrysostom and Augustine. However, this objection presupposes more about angelic abilities than we know. Whenever angels have appeared visibly to men, as recorded in the Bible, they have appeared in the physical bodies of men.

Those who met with Abraham, for example, actually ate with him Genesis Somehow they have been given by God the capacity of materializing themselves in masculine human form when occasion warrants, even though their bodies are not under the control of the gravitational and electromagnetic forces which limit our own bodies in this present life.

He had implanted his own spiritual seed in Cain and his descendants, but God had preserved the line of the true Seed through Seth. When Noah was born and Lamech was led to prophesy that comfort concerning the Curse would come through him Genesis 5. So these sons of God saw the daughter of men and took them wives for [or, literally, women] of all which they chose. Therefore, they argue, these sons of God must be merely male believers in the Sethite line who married good-looking women of the Cainite or other line with no regard to whether or not they were true believers in God This argument, however, is weak and is hardly sufficient to overthrow the heavy weight of evidence otherwise.

Fallen angels have no possibility of salvation, but fallen men and women do have at least this possibility. And yet, as already indicated, it does violence to the actual text of the passage if we make it mean merely that the sons of Seth began to marry the daughters of Cain.

If this were what it meant, why did not the writer simply say so, and thus avoid all this confusion? And why the giants, and why the universal violence? Not very likely, at this period of history. Furthermore, why stress only the union of godly men with ungodly women?

He surely meant to convey to his readers the idea that, in these days of Noah, such an awful irruption of abnormality and wickedness burst forth on the earth that it could only explained by a demonically supernatural cause This was the Old Testament version in dominant use in the Apostolic period, and thus this would be the way the phrase would have been read by Christ and His apostles.

The apocryphal book of Enoch was extant then, as well, and was apparently known to the New Testament writers Jude 14 ; and it intensely elaborated this angelic interpretation.

As an apparent result of these facts, this interpretation is strongly implied, and probably required as noted below by three New Testament passages: Jude 6; II Peter 2. Is there any way to resolve this dilemma? Then men whose bodies they possessed were evidently thereby made so attractive to the careless and rebellious women of the age that they could take over and use any of the women they chose. The seductive beauty of the women, probably enhanced by various artificial cosmetics and allurements developed by that time, was itself sufficient to induce men to constant obsession with sex, assuring a maximum rapidity of multiplication of the population.

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Penguin Books,p. Baker Book House,pp. All created beings are called sons of God. Natural born sons are sons of men. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, that is, is a son of man; that which is born of the Spirit is spirit, that is, a son of God. We can tabulate this as follows: Being Divinely created, they bear such a dignified title.