Relationship expert april masini pictures

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relationship expert april masini pictures

#AprilMasini #FitOver40 #KeepGoing #BelieveInYourself #AdviceForum # RelationshipAdvice. April Masini, relationship and etiquette expert, author of 4. Relationship Advice Etiquette Expert April Masini, preferred media source, author : slider photo April Masini; Relationship Advice Forum • [Standard] Family. If anyone knows a thing or two about dating and relationships, it's April Masini. She is a Relationship Expert, the author of four relationship.

That person is me!

Relationship Expert April Masini

Singles can also subscribe to the premium private package to ensure only April can read their queries. Plus, you get me!

Dating Deal-Breakers: Dating Coach & Relationship Expert April Beyer on CBS

Lots of my clients have urgent questions and they want quick, frank responses. Others want to know how to save a relationship or deal with cheating, porn, addiction, financial betrayals, adult step-kids and mothers-in-law, as well control issues, abuse, and depression in relationships.

April Masini’s Surpasses 27,500 Questions Asked & Answered

Rather than wait weeks for an appointment to an expensive therapist or a traditional coach, April offers a low-cost, expedited option for clients. A recent trend in relationship questions has to do with blending families.

She said her old account was hacked and her photos, tweets and followers stolen, but she recently opened a new account, AprilMasini, where she actively engages with her social media audience.

relationship expert april masini pictures

April is a big believer in getting a prenup before tying the knot. Financial betrayals, saving for retirement, dealing with debt — these are all modern relationship issues.

Her money-relationship advice extends to holiday and everyday tipping, gift-giving, splitting expenses with roommates, lovers and spouses, and other money-related topics. Working for and in conjunction with corporations is not new to April.

Relationship Advice Forum - Relationship Expert April Masini

Her ability to interface fluidly with both unique individuals on her forum, on live, fast Twitter chats, and with corporate executives in the business world, is part of her magnetic success. Whenever a popular magazine, journal, or newspaper reaches out to her for a quote, April eagerly agrees to contribute her two cents because she takes pride in the vote of confidence.

April Masini has become the go-to love and money relationship expert in the press. A new vector this relationship expert is taking is improved health and fitness.

relationship expert april masini pictures

In fact, one of the biggest problems in marriages is people get complacent and letting themselves go. This creates a downward spiral that affects self-esteem and the relationship. April plans to collaborate with friend and professional functional medicine expert, who focuses on endocrinology and health, Elizabeth Tringali. They are planning to write a practical guide for people who want to transform themselves and their relationships through improved health and fitness.

relationship expert april masini pictures

It was a phone call from the Learning Annex that got April into the dating industry. The online education company tapped her to teach a course for men on how to successfully date. The call came from out of the blue, but she was totally up for the challenge. Date Out of Your League.

relationship expert april masini pictures

The class sold out, and men seemed very impressed by her insights. So she turned the script into a book and became a dating guru for men and women. From there, her business took off, and many top media outlets and companies tapped her for her insights.

Today she runs an anonymous web forum, called Ask April, where anyone can ask any question about dating and relationships.

Relationship & Etiquette Expert April Masini

It can really impact their lives. Her reputation for straightforward and useful dating advice earned her great popularity among readers. On her forum, April has provided detailed and thoughtful responses to hundreds of thousands of long, pained queries.

She has a deep understanding of dating etiquette and assesses individual situations from an unbiased standpoint. Her tips on how to woo a date and how to maintain a relationship are spot on.