Restoring the marital relationship

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restoring the marital relationship

marriage that have included numerous painful circumstances requiring forgiveness on the part of both spouses? How can we restore trust to our relationship?. Many good marriages often go through times of tension, difficulty or pain. It's important to remember that just because your marriage is ailing. A marriage requires a trusting relationship. If you haven't committed yourself to rebuilding the marriage, you won't be able to fully participate in restoring trust.

I was praying for restoration on my marriage and for my husband and I to be better husband and wife, parents and people. My husband Read More Abigail Our son was missing, and contacted us after our candle was lit in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

restoring the marital relationship

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What are biblical steps to restore a marriage?

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If we can acknowledge our differences with our spouse and allow ourselves to see them as they really are instead of how we have them imagined in our minds, we will find it much easier to forgive. Inaccurate perceptions lead to unrealistic expectations, which result in shame and resentment.

If we see our mate as they are, however, we can be grateful for the unexpected blessings they bring to the relationship. Communicate fearlessly but gently; listen thoughtfully without defensiveness James 1: When God formed Adam and Eve, He could have made them telepathic. He could have made them communicate by changing the color of their skin. But, for whatever reason, He made them to connect through language.

restoring the marital relationship

Language, like everything else on earth, has been seriously damaged by sin. Even two native speakers of the same dialect use words in different ways. It's imperative to be patient when communicating.

Powerful Prayer for Marriage Restoration and Relationships

It's equally as important to know your mate well enough to recognize when serious issues can be discussed and when things need to wait for another time—sometimes your spouse will need guidance and a different perspective, and other times support and love. Realize you're not the only ones in the room Ephesians 6: God designed marriage to be good.

restoring the marital relationship

Anything that is good will be opposed by the enemy. That's the nature of the spiritual battle in which we live.

restoring the marital relationship

The enemy likes divorce and discord, and he is not passive. He likes to plant whispers of accusation in our ears that we unconsciously attribute to our mate.

Prayer for Marriage

Communication and prayer will go a long way in shutting this down. If we are humble enough to lower our defenses and work with our spouse, it will restore our marriage and protect our family. If we shore up our personal defenses, we'll leave the relationship open for spiritual attack. Seek advice from others Proverbs Marriage was created by God, and He can restore it, but sometimes He uses other people to help. Find a mentor, a Christian counselor, or go to your pastor.

There is nothing we can face that someone else hasn't triumphed over. Just be sure the counselor really wishes to help, and not just add fuel to the flames; a counseling or mentoring session should end in encouragement and determination, not hopelessness and increased bitterness.

restoring the marital relationship