Testimony broken relationship

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testimony broken relationship

Relationship Testimonies. About a year ago, my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me. We both loved each other very much and always said we saw a future. My broken heart is mended and I'm in a loving relationship With my Best friend! God works in mysterious ways. I asked God that the year. Broken relationships are a part of the broken world that we live in. We need to know how to be an active part of God's restoration work.

However, for the first time in my life, my dad wanted to solve something, so I made a point to talk, but only with the whole family at our big table, and so we did.

For the first time in 40 years our family sat at the table and talked through our problems. It was very rough, and most of the conversation was about Mom, not me. After that, I noticed a change in my mom but also realized that something was happening to me.

It was the demons who were giving me the power and strength to stand against my mom, and it almost ended me until my mother in law told me that I had a devil on my back. The moment I heard this, a demon started to squeeze me, and my battle began.

Before the devil started pretending to be God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and I were intensely together, so I prayed with all my heart. Prayer for Forgiveness My mother-in-law's advice was to pray for forgiveness and to ask God to put me under the blood of Jesus, but when I prayed my head would shake crazily, and I had no control over my body. Whenever I looked at a photo of Jesus a demon would try to get into that image and show a different face.

I couldn't sleep at night, and I could feel the demon trying to reach every area of my flesh.

testimony broken relationship

It attempted to make me kill myself, but I considered that to be absurd. I read the Bible for hours, and when I would read a psalm, he would try to get me to fall asleep. When I went to bed, I would put Jesus photos all over me, but once I got asleep, the demon would vigorously attempt to pull me out from underneath the blanket.

When I prayed I would burn a little juniper branch that I had been told demons do not like. In the beginning, it was the only way I could pray.

Testimony Share | Relationships

I remember saying, "God, cmon, please help me! The right people at the right place didn't allow me to be taken, and that wasn't my family. I took my Granny's prayer book in my hands and prayed about everything that I felt would help me. At times, when I sensed that the demons did not like it, I did it five times. When I received it everything went away, the bitterness, anger, everything that was evil in my soul died at that very moment.

I was born new and as clean as snow, and my relationships with my mom and my dad were resolved, and I thought the problems with London had also been settled. We could now go back. I never really had a feeling of choosing until the moment God truly forgave me. Only now do I realize how it feels to not be controlled by an evil force, and to understand my actions; so I stopped blaming myself for everything.

I had four days rest and pulled me back together. Then I went back to my husband in London where we had fallen apart. Things had previously been so bad that I had not told him what had actually happened. I just followed his example and did the same thing; so when I came back and tried to explain he could not understand. He was angry with God and blamed Him for all that had happened, and he was mad because I had chosen to pray to God instead of seeking psychiatric help. I continued to take care of my girls, but everything we once had was lost, and I was heartbroken.

My Vow to Never Leave I prayed and asked God to take my life because I couldn't bear the pain of my broken relationship with my husband. But I started to search for inspiration, and this is where the church stepped in.

With God directing me I began to watch Steven Furtick's sermons. If not for his sermons I would never have truly understood about God.

It changed my view of God, and I started to hear a voice that directed and protected me and kept me from new sins; while helping me get rid of any trace of sin from my previous life. I prayed and screamed for God to show me what was happening with my husband, Days later this voice more like a thought said, pray, pray, and I did, but it only became worse.

I prayed for his sins, and God directed me to find a long list of wrongdoings the Bible counts as sin.

testimony broken relationship

So I started to pray for each one of these sins, but the Spirit said to me, "no, this is not how you pray. At each point, you must say, Dear God, please put your servant, my husband, under The blood of Jesus Christ, and sanctify his soul with Your Blood and release him from the evil. Jesus Christ, I ask you to forgive my husbands sins.

In Jesus name, Amen. I finally understood that the Evil in my husband's heart was causing the suffering, not me. I thought that perhaps my husband had done something dark in his past that he had never talked about. So this shocked me, and I started to see my husband from a different perspective.

testimony broken relationship

I had always thought he was better than me, but the truth was, he had more deep and evil secrets in his heart than I did. I could not forgive him because that evil was too dark, and so powerful that I could barely stand in its presence. The voice again said, "You must pray the same thing, but at the end, you must say that you forgive with all your heart. I prayed again the same as before, only this time I had to add at the very end, "I truly forgive his sins through the love of Jesus Christ.

To be honest, if I had not taken the vow to God to not leave my husband I would have simply broken up with him and left, but now I was forced to stay. Command Satan to Step Back At the very end, God said to me, "The devil will not step back until you command him to do so. Afterward, I had a nice sleep that I hadn't had in weeks. Then, with the help of the sermons, I got more and more Into God.

From that point forward I submitted myself to Jesus Christ. Despite my husband's hate for him I put Jesus' picture next to my bed and told Him to take my life if He wants, and offered Him everything that's left of me. I gave Him my life, my kids, and my relationship with my husband. Peace and Happiness I was born again. I have a deep peace and happiness that does not depend on other people, only on Jesus Christ. In sad moments it fills me with joy.

I have made steps for a better self, and I now dare to say no to the sins my Husband commits. I truly do see him, and other things, differently now. God showed me how, and made me stronger than ever. Because of my love for Jesus the channels by which the enemy can reach me have been blocked. If I do find a little trace of it, I ask God for help and courage to get rid of it. If it hadn't been for the church, I don't think I could have raised myself from where I was, but God directed me to them, and I love Him so much for showing me the way.

But it was no joke. The man who held me close and promised to never break my heart had left me broken, without a job, without a plan, and without an explanation. The days and weeks that followed were torture. Never in my life had I felt more broken; I cried more tears than I knew any one person could. I felt as if I had been run over by a freight train. He had just given me his wedding vows for Christmas; there was no warning, no fight, no face-to-face conversation—just a text message after six years together.

Surely I would wake from this nightmare shortly. But still, the days dragged on. The Lord somehow gave me the strength to put on a happy face for the forty third-graders and twenty first-graders who were counting on "Miss Bullock" to make their day. However, I was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually devastated. One month later, after yet another sleepless night, I was driving to my school on the opposite end of town giving God an earful of my opinion of His plan.

I cried, yelled, screamed, hit the steering wheel … I am sure it was a sight to my fellow early-morning drivers. Realizing that I needed to look composed and walk into my classroom to greet my bright-eyed babes, I attempted to end my temper tantrum and get myself together.

I turned onto the road that led to the school now driving east. Rainclouds were clearing from the nighttime shower, and the sun rose over the lingering thunderheads.

The sunrise was breathtaking—even without coffee!

testimony broken relationship

My spirit was quickly reminded of the faithfulness of our Savior. I took in a deep breath. It is HE who allows the sun to rise each day. HE who allows me each and every breath of life. The ONE to whom the storm clouds answer.

The beauty of the sunrise struck my spirit, and an overwhelming peace enveloped my broken heart.

Has God ever restored a broken relationship for you?

After school I could look at the picture of the sunrise, journal, and allow Him to continue His work in my heart. Driving forty miles per hour down the road, I took my iPhone out of my purse and quickly snapped a picture.

I did not look; I did not aim; I did not stop.

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My mascara streaks erased, I arrived at the school and looked at the picture of the sunrise before I went inside. I literally lost my breath, and the tears flowed even harder than before. That photo has hung on my mirror ever since that beautiful Thursday morning. I need constant reminders—I am a difficult student of the Lord! Yet He so graciously and consistently reminds me of His overwhelming presence.

Why is it that on the good days it seems so easy to walk in the faith and promises of the Lord, yet when a storm blows into our lives, we panic and seem to instantly forget who is leading us? Oh those poor disciples in the boat with Jesus Mark 4: They forgot that Jesus was the one who led them into the storm in the first place. I would cringe if I got to heaven and heard the Lord say, "Heather of such little faith, why did you doubt? He may not be easily visible, but He promises to never leave you or forsake you Deut.

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In this life, we will all suffer pain, disappointment, and loss, but God is still in control despite what you or I might think. Sometimes He will calm the storm that you are in; other times He will calm you in order that you might withstand it.

And even other times He teaches you to swim. I am very much learning how to swim right now! Treading water is tiring, but it does build a great deal of strength and endurance. God is always faithful to His children. He was in every decision, granted every desire of my heart, and opened every door. He had confirmed many times the promises He spoke to my heart. But being the crazy God that He is, the Lord has given us all a free will to do with what we please—a terrifying thought if you think about it long enough!