The broken us pakistan relationship

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the broken us pakistan relationship

Jul 4, United States of America remains one of the first countries to have established diplomatic ties with Pakistan. Although the relationship dates. Bruce Riedel examines the broken U.S.-Pakistan relationship and argues that Afghanistan might provide an avenue for patch things up—with the U.S. using. Jan 12, Pakistani religious students protest against U.S. President Donald Trump after the U.S. decision to suspend military aid to Islamabad, Lahore.

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A misalignment of interests. Washington views the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network as direct threats to Americans -- and to the Afghanistan that it's desperately trying to help stabilize. Read More Pakistan, conversely, views these groups as useful assets to push back against Indian influence in Afghanistan, and as a helpful hedge against the possibility of an eventual American exit from that country.

From Pakistan's perspective, it would be sheer folly to sever ties with the most powerful non-state actors operating in Afghanistan -- actors whose influence would increase even more if Afghanistan descends into unrest and civil war. Predictably, each side perceives the counter-terrorism issue through the lens of its own interests. Pakistan says it's done a great job cracking down on terrorists.

the broken us pakistan relationship

Indeed, the Pakistani military has staged counter-terrorism operations in the North Waziristan tribal area that have badly degraded the Pakistani Taliban -- the group responsible for most of the terror attacks in Pakistan over the last decade. Pakistan Fast Facts For Washington, while these operations are commendable, they're not good enough because they don't address the heart of the matter -- the terrorists that target Americans in Afghanistan.

Domestic politics in Pakistan also ensure Islamabad won't change course and comply with US demands anytime soon.

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Elections are next year. As the country enters campaign season, no politician worth his or her salt -- including those leading the current government -- would remotely consider calling for accommodating American demands.

This is particularly the case given the recent establishment of several hardline religious parties -- one of them linked to the Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group -- planning to contest elections.

the broken us pakistan relationship

Pakistani politics are rife with retrograde ideologies. In such an environment, overtly caving to American demands could destroy your electoral prospects -- not to mention your political career. Interestingly, when I was in Islamabad last month, the Pakistani political class, both in public messaging and in private conversations, was strikingly more sanguine about US-Pakistan relations than were the Americans with whom I spoke there.

After the removal and death of Bhutto, the Pakistan's ties with the United States were better and improved. Throughout the military regime of General Zia-ul-Haq, the ties and relations were promoted at its maximum point, and the United States had given billion dollars of economic and military aid to Pakistan. With US assistance, in the largest covert operation in history, Pakistan armed and supplied anti-Soviet fighters in Afghanistan.


Under the terms of the American cancellation, the US kept both the money and the planes, leading to angry claims of theft by Pakistanis. When the Soviets got kicked out of Egypt, Soviets decided to go after Libya. Is America still the leader of the free world? All attempts were rebuffed, Zia shrewdly played his cards knowing that Carter was on his way out and he may get a better deal from the incoming Reagan.

US-Pakistan relations: A broken record

The United States, faced with a rival superpower looking as if it were to create another Communist bloc, now engaged Zia in fighting a US-aided war by proxy in Afghanistan against the Soviets. The Reagan administration and Reagan himself supported Pakistan's military regime, American officials visited the country on a routine basis.

Ambassador in an aviation crash, relations deteriorated quickly with upcoming prime ministers Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif.

the broken us pakistan relationship

The United States took a tough stand on Pakistan's nuclear development, passing the Pressler amendmentwhile significantly improving the relations with India. Both Benazir and Nawaz Sharif also asked the United States to take steps to stop the Indian nuclear programfeeling that United States was not doing enough to address what Pakistan saw as an existential threat.

Pakistan found itself in a state of extremely high insecurity as tensions mounted with India and Afghanistan's infighting continued.

Pakistan–United States relations

Pakistan's alliance with the U. Rift in relations[ edit ] In US Ambassador Nicholas Platt advised Pakistan's leaders that if Pakistan continued to support terrorists in India or Indian-administered territory, "the Secretary of State may find himself required by law to place Pakistan on the state sponsors of terrorism list.

the broken us pakistan relationship

InBenazir Bhutto made a quick visit in the U. Bushwhich she marked "America's Frankenstein". InPrime minister Nawaz Sharif travelled to the U. Ambassador Robert Oakley further influenced on the project, showing growing concerns of the U.