The importance of a business relationship

the importance of a business relationship

Mergers and acquisitions have become a popular strategy for gaining growth. Studies show, however, high failure rates for acquisitions. Earlier literature. One of those things that successful entrepreneurs are very good at is establishing positive business relationships with their employees, business associates. Long-term relationships have become critical to the success of any client- or customer-driven business. The costs of acquiring customers and finding good.

Clients look for an IT services company that projects an image of proficiency and precision — and delivers on it. Clients want to feel assured their IT investments are in capable hands. Proficiency and precision are sound, but not exactly cosy traits. For instance, Mr Spock from Star Trek is great when logical but we really like him more when his human half comes out.

What is engaging is the surprise and delight we feel when a totally ordered and reasonable person shows their soft side. The image of exactitude coupled with approachability is a winning combination that Dialog consultants strive for.

Have you ever solicited the advice of a friend when seeking a new business partner? People like to work with others who come recommended by a trusted source.

the importance of a business relationship

Negative experiences can spread quickly but people also like strong positive stories. A friend recently recounted her happy amazement over a terrific call centre experience she had with her bank. My first question was: Word-of-mouth is a powerful, and free, advertising tool.

The Importance of Relationships in Business

Dialog consultants want to deliver experiences that get clients talking positively. The intrinsic nature of an IT Consultancy is fluid and it can seem difficult to foster a sense of community within an organisation. Often consultants are working at the client site collaborating with different people every day.

With over 1, employees and over clients, it is very probable that a Dialog consultant may work with a fellow consultant only once and never be on the same project with them again. This reason is making many companies to develop an excellent customer relationship for maintaining good performance.

Developing sound customer relations require dedication and time; therefore, putting in place the right strategies will be essential for the whole procedure.

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Below are some of the reasons as to why developing client relations is paramount for any business. It Reduces Churning of Customers According to recent studies relating to customers, the findings states that the consumers do not churn as a result of the price, but they churn due to poor customer care services. Ensuring that your clients get the satisfaction, they are looking for reduces their chances of churning.

Top 10 Reasons Why Business Relationships Are Important

You need to track and measure the satisfaction of customers and put in place new procedures for increasing customer service quality. Be keen to exceed their expectations and wow them at any available opportunity. Do this for almost six months and measure the impact it creates on the customer. It Acts as a Differentiation Point In the current marketplace where customer competition is very high, the relationship you have with your clients will be a key differentiator with your competitors.

Businesses that thrive in such environs are those who make customer relations a key business strategy.

the importance of a business relationship

Customer-business relationships should work for full circles because these relations will not only help in tracking the current customers but also bring in new ones. It Indicates Repurchase and Loyalty Functions Strong relationships show how they will make their future purchases. When you gauge satisfaction from your service and get a seven, when rating between 1 and 10, then you can conclude that the customer is satisfied.

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You can make these clients advocates of your business. You should put in place metrics which will help you measure customer loyalty and repurchase power. It is More Affordable to Retain Customers than Look for New Ones This statistic is the one that holds more power in the market than any other in the market. You will incur a seven times cost to acquire new customers than maintaining your current ones. Once you understand this statistic, then you will be keen to ensure that your firm is providing satisfying customer service to keep your clients.