The little things matter in a relationship

Forget the BIG picture!! LITTLE things matters the most!!

the little things matter in a relationship

It's okay, learn to accept the little things! The little things in a relationship are what matter because these are the things that show they care. These are the types of people who understand that the small things count to start up without a flinch no matter how much it has been through. No matter what type of relationship we are talking about, it is the little things that can make it or break it. It doesn't matter if we are talking about.

They cant always expect big, big things from each other all the time. During the start of the relationship, people are meant get spoiled by their partners but how they work on it for the long run? When you come to know that someone has put their time and thought into something that makes you happy and knowing that they have paid attention to the little thing you go crazy about, trust is fabricated there Longevity — As of now, being in a relationship for a maximum of six months is considered an achievement.

the little things matter in a relationship

Longevity is lost in translation. The answers to these question could help us take a leap of faith which in turn develops bonding and understanding between people.

7 Little Things That Matter In A Relationship

This kind of bonding makes you stay in it for the long run Excitement — Little surprises are the lifelines that are much needed when you are in it for the long run.

A same old fancy dinner, a lavish party or a extravagant trip can give happiness but these cant be the high points in any relationship. Little things keep the excitement going. Surprising them with things they thought we never knew will sure put a big fat smile on their face. If a woman is complaining to you, remember that it means she trusts you enough to express her feelings to you. Don't betray that trust. Do that thing he or she wants to do. Whether it is watching a TV show your significant other enjoys, going to see the musical you're not really into, or trying that new restaurant with the cuisine you don't really care for -- do it anyway and have a good attitude about it.

Relationships are about compromise, which means at times we do things we wouldn't normally do in order to make the person we care about happy. They will appreciate your effort and enjoy the experience even more because they get to share it with you. Send a good morning text. A text that starts your partner's day on a good note doesn't just say "good morning," it says "you are the first person I thought of when I woke up this morning.

Do what you say you're going to do. Reliability is the reason you buy a Toyota Corolla, not excitement. It's not glamorous or sexy or particularly interesting -- but you know what? When you walk outside in the morning and turn the key you know that sucker is going to start up without a flinch no matter how much it has been through.

the little things matter in a relationship

A great romantic partner is someone you can count on without having to worry. You know they are going to be there for you when you need it. You know they are going to stand behind you when you need support, beside you when you need a teammate, and in front of you when you need protection.

the little things matter in a relationship

You don't have to wonder if they are going to do what they said they are going to do or if they are going to flake out on you last minute, because they are reliable. Pay close attention and react accordingly.

7 Little Things That Matter in a Relationship Love

In relationships and in life, I believe many of us overlook the importance of thoughtfulness. Life moves quickly and we often get so wrapped up in our day-to-day routines that we lose sight of how important it is to work to make our significant other happy as well.

This includes learning one another's likes and dislikes, supporting each other during difficult times, and encouraging each other during the good times. It includes paying attention to small details and doing special things accordingly that we know each other will like. Being thoughtful helps us live, connect and love more deeply with others. Take care of yourself: Watch out for your emotional, physical and mental health.

In the initial days of my marriage, I remained quiet and on days when I spoke with my husband, we ended up fighting.

Slowly I noticed that our relationship was not growing.

the little things matter in a relationship

I will discuss more about this in a separate post, but for now stay healthy and love yourself. Remember their special days: This is a habit we all must cultivate if we want to strengthen our relationship. Wishing people on their special days, make them feel loved and wanted.

This one is my personal favourite. Gifts need not be expensive like a diamond ring or mobile phone but you can gift those too! A simple home cooked meal or a dinner at their favourite restaurant. Even a cup of tea works well for moms.

The Little Things Can Mean Everything in a Relationship

Buying books, favourite gadgets or even spending an evening playing video games with your spouse works wonders. I love the thought behind sending a gift.

I appreciate the time taken to actually buy or make a gift.

the little things matter in a relationship