The sun tarot reversed relationship

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the sun tarot reversed relationship

The sun reversed Using Tarot Cards. negatively as it's reversed. I take it that our relationship will have an overcast with this guy in the picture. Sun Card: Usually indicates all will be well. Reversed: Lonely, arrogant, sad. the World card of the tarot deck can match the blessings that come with the Sun. to disenchantment in a business venture or disillusionment in a relationship. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Sun including upright and reversed card meanings. Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an extensive Tarot .

The Sun reversed can also be an indicator of being overly enthusiastic or confident to the point that it becomes a negative trait. The Sun reversed may also indicate that your ego is preventing you from connecting with your true spiritual self. You must let go of this in order to find enlightenment. If you have been ill, The Sun is a good omen for recovery. If you are trying to get pregnant, The Sun upright is also a good omen as it is one of the main pregnancy cards.

New opportunities will be coming your way and you will be full of optimism and enthusiasm. You will be ready and able to jump in and make any project a success. Financially, you should be doing very well with The Sun appearing in your Tarot reading as it is the Tarot card of abundance. Business ventures, investments and any sort of money making initiatives should be going well for you.

If you have any hidden debts, they should also come to the surface during this time so remember to put some of your wealth aside to cover them. It can be a sign of a period of fun, passion and positivity in your relationship. At the same time, The Sun in an upright position shines light onto everything in its path and this includes relationships, so it can also indicate that any hidden issues in your relationship will be highlighted.

Any issues highlighted by The Sun will be resolved for your greater good. This can either take the form of the relationship becoming more open and honest or in some cases ending to allow a better relationship to come to you.

Look to supporting cards for verification. Whatever the outcome The Sun is bringing something positive and good into your love life. The Sun can also indicate a celebration such as an engagement or wedding.

the sun tarot reversed relationship

If you are single, The Sun indicates that a great relationship could be coming your way. There are some things not in place yet but with a bit of effort they could be sorted quite easily. This is bound to be only temporary as you are not the kind to stay down for too long.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - The Sun Reversed

Someone may have put a dampener on your sunny mood or may be blocking the light of the sun from reaching you. The freedom you crave and desire has not yet fully manifested or is being denied you by others.

Work and commitments may have you slaving away while everyone else is out enjoying themselves. This day too will pass and tomorrow will be a brighter day. Know that your day in the sun is just around the corner. When was the last time you had a bit of fun or let your inner-child out to play?

Inner child issues may be surfacing when The Sun Reverses.

sun reversed as feelings

There may be a loss of innocence or the snatching of it. Pay particular attention to a child whose natural sunny disposition has radically changed. Temporary creative blocks may be causing frustration and exasperation. Things are typically still good, but you will have to work a bit harder to enjoy them. Loss of Hope When the sun is obscured by the clouds, it can be hard to see its light.

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Likewise, when the Sun is reversed in a tarot card spread, you might be struggling to find the positives in your current situation. You have experienced setbacks along the way. But instead of accepting this as part of your journey, these setbacks have significantly impacted your attitude. It seems as though nothing is on track, making you feel sad and depressed. In turn, these feelings make it even harder for you to proceed forward. Your path is obscured. You may find yourself no longer enjoying things that you once did.

However, all of this is only a temporary situation.

the sun tarot reversed relationship

With a bit of effort, you can overcome all of the obstacles that are in your way. Overly Optimistic On the other hand, the Sun reversed could be an indication that you have become overly optimistic about your current situation.

A positive outlook can take you far in life. But it is possible to become too positive - to the point of forming unrealistic beliefs and expectations. You have lost your sense of self. Your ego has grown out of proportions and caused you to form unattainable ideals about your capabilities.

You are lying to yourself and to those around you.