All ford swap meet 2012

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all ford swap meet 2012

If you have inquiries, you may write: Early Bird Swap Meet, P.O. Box , Sumner, WA TO ALL RULES AND CONDITIONS OF THE EARLY BIRD SWAP MEET AND by the Lessee (Tacoma Model T Ford Club) upon request. Cruise 'N Swap: A Sunday Morning In Long Beach. February 20, - Mike Chevy, Ford, Hot Rod, Mopar, Swap Meet, Turlock Swap Meet Car Life>>swap Meet Hunting At The New Year Meeting. February 1, - TheSpeedhunters · Car Life Event>>more From The Datsun Swap Meet ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. By Steve Jelf, Parkerfield KS on Friday, December 28, - am: I mentioned The old Pate Swap Meet at the museum in Cresson is a fond memory. It was a I was at nearly every Pate meet starting with the first one at the museum.

Because of its proximity to The Motor City, the show promised to draw in spectators from all over the state, plus Ohio and Canada. A quick look at license plates in the parking lot showed that spectators from as far away as Indiana and Illinois also joined in on the fun. Saturday was the day for a good, old-fashioned soup-to-nuts parts and accessories swap meet, with seemingly acres of items to browse.

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Ford was not the only make represented under the tents and on the tarps, as there was something here for everyone. We came across Walter Mullins of nearly Ypsilanti, MI, who found an original-equipment radio for his Ford project car.

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If you needed some chrome or trim pieces, there was a wide variety of both OEM replacements and faithful reproductions to be seen. Performance parts in the form of headers, superchargers, and even complete race engines were there for the taking. One vendor was displaying a period-correct Tri-Power setup, complete with matching carbs and a pristine intake manifold.

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A father had his son periodically straighten rows of multiple wheel covers and hubcaps while shoppers looked through them for the elusive match for their car. Instead of setting up a tent, they opted to display their wares under the bright sunshine using the sheen of chrome, aluminum and steel to draw in shoppers. Speaking of families, it was very interesting to witness the older generations educate the next generation of auto enthusiasts to things like timing lights, dwell meters and the concept of carburation.

For example, we had overheard this explanation to one young would-be buyer: Fords, Lincolns and Mercurys in all states of restoration filled the car corral area - which is always a favorite spot to browse during this annual FMRCoA show.


While most of the corral vehicles were driven in, some of the more extensive project cars rode in on trailers. We had perhaps 25 vendors that first year.

all ford swap meet 2012

I think it was about ? The Lone Star T club always has several spaces and we always have several members with T parts for sale.

all ford swap meet 2012

This year there were a half dozen other vendors with T parts. Was it worthy of a drive from Kansas to find good deals on T parts? If it is late model Mustang or Camaro parts you are after then Pate is the place for that. By john kuehn on Friday, December 28, - The first few I went to years ago was pretty good for T guys but not much in my book anymore.

all ford swap meet 2012

I dont like walking for half a day and finding a couple of T parts. Pate is a 2 hr drive for me here in Texas but I dont go.

all ford swap meet 2012

It "ain't" like the old one, but sometimes you can find some T stuffalong with lots of flea market items. As previously stated, Chickasha is the place to be.

all ford swap meet 2012

By george house on Friday, December 28, - I'm Presbyterian so don't go to swap meets that have an entry fee although I also have wonderful memories of the old Pate meet in Cresson. But I'll never miss a Chickasha March event. For the few vendors that had a few T parts, it wasn't worth the 5 hour drive I have to make.

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