Alvinston motorcycle swap meet 2013

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6th – Alvinston Motorcycle Swap Meet. Alvinston Community Centre Complex, 10am3pm, $5 Admission, Kids under 12 Free. More Info at. ALVINSTON COMMUNITY GROUP. EVENTS MARCH Sun. Mon. _L. Tue. Tue. Wed Motorcycle Swap Meet 9 Sr. Cards p.m.. Public Skating . And I have a shit load of bikes in and east of the city of Toronto and as .. Alvinston Swap Meet Hi this is AL, for those of you who don't.

You have a Motorcycle Show! A downsized show to be sure but it was a Motorcycle Show. What did you expect them to do sit down and cry? They did what they had to do. Improvised and overcame the obstacles that were put in their paths. Anyone can do any job if everything goes just the way it was planned. But things rarely go according to plan and it is what you do to overcome that separates the men from the boys and the men were already changing gears at the slightest hint that something was going south.

There was plenty to see and do lots of great bikes, products and fare to check out. There was a vast assortment of leather goods and t shirts. Am I going to worry that people were going to steal Free Magazines? Next morning I was up early showered wrapping my injured right ankle and knee in tensor bandages so I could get through the day had a great breakfast in the hotel dining area and headed to the show.

K8V 3E7 www. Tim and Tina from Triple K upholstery were large and in charge with their great products and installing gel packs in customers seats as he has a booking sheet for appointments at all these Shows. Check their ad for how to book for the next show. They do an amazing job and it is something I keep meaning to get done as well that along with one of those extremely loud horns. I was not to be alone today, as Manon and her husband Gerry showed up before noon and were a huge help in the booth allowing me to wander and take in the show so as to do the write up.

It was great to see Rocky Yes that Rocky! It is hoped that this program will spread throughout their network of dealers. It was a good Show despite the grief that Mother Nature threw their way. As I said, the Show has a nice relaxed feel to it that goes beyond the great beer garden and the fact that you can wander through the show with the beverage of your choice in hand but it sure helps. Quinn Kemp Harley Custom - 2. Ryan Robinson Harley Custom - 3. Ryan Robinson Harley Custom - Builder: John Hipkan Harley Custom - 2.

Quinn Kemp Harley Custom - Radical: Shawn Boshaw Harley Custom - 2. Rick Bigg Custom - 4. Vahe K Harley Custom - Custom: Allan Jewell Triumph T - 2. Don Jackson Hobbit - Vintage American: Rick Wolf Cleveland 4 - 2. Louis Bari E. Don Nixon Harley Pan head - 4.

Adam Bari Harley - 5. Rick Wolf Marsh Metz - Vintage: Mike Partridge Matchless - 2. Bruce Greenians Jawa - 3. Kevin R Honda CB - 2. Gary Price Kawasaki KZ - 3. Bill Coulson Suzuki Hillbilly - 5. Denis Duncan Suzuki M12 - Triumph: Bob Buchanan Triumph TR5 - 2. Darryl Skillings Norton Atlas - 2. Bob Lawson S - 3. Ross Thompson Norton 99 Sportster: Brian Forget XLH - 2.

Michael Walter Harley Fat Boy — 2. Shawn Stacpoole Road King - 2. Corey Smith Harley Street Glide - 3. David Janssens Harley Lowrider - 2. John Brennen Harley - Custom Asian: Trevor Green Kawasaki H2 Hybrid - 3.

Paul Woolley Suzuki MR - 2. Steven Lilly Goldwing - European Touring: Sunny Park Yamaha R6 - 3. Trapper Cane Harley Sidecar - 2. Ron Wakeline Honda Trike - 3. Leon Roose Honda Trike - Scooter: Ben Coulson Roken Trail Breaker. I have done this ride 7 years ago and had been riding for only a few months. Who was I trying to fool?

Do you honestly believe that Jonah spent three days and three nights in the belly of a whale? Then YOU can ask him! Hell is a reality; a real place for real people. A place to fear, and avoid! Like an oriental death house with weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Place of outer darkness.

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All our trailers have every essential option available for your comfort, security and ability to travel anywhere independently. God does not choose eternal punishment for any of us we make that choice ourselves. Satan appeals to man through lusts, and ignorance. God appeals to man through truth, ideas and lasting values. Hell exists because we need the restraints of fear as well as the allurements of love.

If there were no hell there would be no law. Reality of discipline keeps children obedient. Who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

Jesus died for all that they might be saved. If anyone would like to receive my notes email me and I will send them Pastor Dave daveneals bikerschurch. She unhooked her bra and laid it aside. WellI was so dumb-struck that all I could do was stand there with my mouth open and nod my head. The husband and wife agreed that they would tell no one about where the skin came from, and they requested that the doctor also honor their secret.

Much like our lifestyle, the Mag has grown expeditiously and has now distinguished itself as a national publication — a major accomplishment in merely a few short years. Thanx to JR for fathering the Mag. The OCC held its first meeting of the year in January and the turnout was amazing.

The room was filled to capacity with many forced to stand for the duration. The numbers were over members representing over 40 clubs plus 17 Independent members. Next year we will secure a room that seats !!

"alvinston" in Classifieds in Ontario

Issues never take a holiday and the necessity for our cause has never been more apparent. One of the reports delivered at the meeting highlighted the anticipated changes to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act governing motorcycle handlebar height restrictions.

Due to the efforts of our Political Action Committee, the Ontario government has agreed to review the regulation in In the interim, our PAC is establishing a liaison with the new Federal government in order to harmonize the changes nationally.

This event is open to OCC members only and features expert speakers covering topics that affect many areas of our lifestyle. I have had bike insurance with TD for the past five years and my rate remained static until I immediately began to shop around and was able to renew with Allstate at my old rate. My two-cent worth of advice and worth every penny is ….

You better question any rate increase unless you were involved in an accident or garnered some traffic violations. You just might save yourself some significant cash. If you have read this far, then you understand how important it is to convey to your friends and acquaintances who enjoy the Riders Mag that there is more contained within these pages than they may realize. This annual event has long been considered by many to be one of the best all Harley Show and Shines in Southern Ontario and it all happens at their beautiful Beamsville Clubhouse.

With the beautiful weather that we were getting they would surely see a great turnout. They draw some of the best bikes around from all over the Province and these are divided into 12 Classes plus Best in Show and there were a lot of fantastic entries here today. They also had a great looking Harley engine clock and an H-D fridge that were going to be raffled off a bit later. The day flew by and it was time for the awards presentation which is always a highlight for me as there is always a lot of enthusiasm displayed by the participants.

There are lots of hoots, cheers and good natured heckling that erupts from the crowd and accompanies each announced winner. It speaks volumes about the kind of participants and the fine people running it.

I counted over 30 people standing in a long line waiting to check out with their HD items in hand. The store was packed with Christmas items, clothes and of course new and used bikes. I heard that Santa was even looking at picking up a new ride for the spring. In the spring, it is always about Poker Runs, long trips planned and are you going to Sturgis this year?

2018 Barber Motorsports Vintage Festival Swap Meet: Motorcycles out the Wazoo

There is always the guy who is getting a new bike or working on finishing a custom ride for the summer. In the fall, it is about what are you doing for Christmas, going to Daytona this year or any cruises planned. You get the picture: Some clubs were noticed by their absence. Niagara HOG was there in large numbers with a membership drive on, pizza on the table and members welcoming people that would wander by HOG corner.

Members were looking at old group pictures, trying to decide what year it was taken. Same thing every open house…a stroll down memory lane.

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Santa was pleased to have pictures taken with the good little boys and girls…and he even had a few pics taken with those that were naughty…I hear Santa likes them best.

I hope everyone has a good winter and that we see you on the road in the Spring…. Another winter motorcycle show season is upon us promising to be one of the best in the industry.

People seem to be in great spirits and health as they prepare for the upcoming riding season. The show gave us the opportunity to meet Paul Tettul Jr. More detail will be available at a later date on this event so stay tuned or visit them online. We also have numerous other events pouring in as people want to be first to get their words out there and what better way to do that but by advertising it in The Riders Mag. New friends as well as old friends gathered in the beer garden to savor a refreshment or two after walking and exploring the endless halls of biking apparel and machines.

This year, I opted to stay for two of the three days and am I ever glad I did. So much more to see and do. I hope to contact him at a later date and do a segment on his amazing paint creations. Speaking of the Mag, what do you think of this new look? Compliments and words of praise have been pouring in from all over and all the credit goes to our editors and the staff at the Mag headquarters which are the results of endless hours of work.

What a great job they did and we thank them for doing that. Makes me proud to be part of an awesome team like this! Great job to all those involved! Up in Northern Ontario, things are pretty quiet as the cold days of winter have finally arrived and everyone settles in to pass the time either doing inside activities or by finally taking their sleds out. I for one am looking forward to some fun in the sun with some rum!

Heck, might even look at renting a scoot out there and putting on some tropical mileage under my belt! I still hold fond memories of the last time I did that. Met all kinds of interesting uniformed people from what is a third world country that have a totally different way of going about their regular duties in comparison to their similar compadres up here in Canada!

As more information and details come in, I will introduce you to them and will be updating the online map to see all the great locations that you can pick up a copy of The Mag. The selection available in this retail store is incredible as is the manufacturing service they provide of all sort. Any suggestions that could improve the North being extra distribution points, to advertising your business in The Riders Mag are always welcome and will be entertained with respect when the time comes.

I leave you this month with a simple thought…. Despite the chilly day, a handful of riders showed up on 2 wheels and bikers from far and wide came out to pay their respects. Tom called himself a storyteller. The Documentary aired nationally and was also used by the Canadian Government to raise awareness. He touched the lives of many with his relaxed demeanor and his ability to listen and be a friend. His laugh was infectious and we spent much of our time together doing just that.

We had such a blast working together, that we became good friends. The Documentary aired nationally on City TV.

Tom being appreciative of my gift of gab, and my passion for riding, approached me once again. This time, to host his next brainchild, we spent a great deal of time, planning and throwing ideas around, and with that, Biker TV was born. Biker TV quickly became a weekly highlight to bikers Nationwide and around the world. Over the years, Tom and I shared many adventures and our road trips and shenanigans were the best times of my life.

With minimal funds, a chaotic schedule and often, inclement weather, we would hit biker events Canada wide. Highlighting many people involved in the biker community, helping to raise awareness for countless worthy causes and charity rides and making friends along the way.

As the show gained popularity, everyone wanted to be a part of Biker TV. With Tom having poor eyesight, we would ride side by side, with our high beams on and our eyes peeled for moose.

On this particular road trip, we logged over 8,kms in one week, plus shot video, partied, saw the sights and spent time with friends along the way! Tom often wore denim button up shirts, forgetting to button down the pockets hence leaving a trail of his pocket contents down the highway.

A highlight of our travels was riding to Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Tom also had bad luck with things melting to his hot exhaust pipes and it was difficult to keep him in a rain suit.

I would wave him over to the shoulder, smoke billowing out of his saddlebag. We shared many giggles, standing on the side of the road in the rain with his saddlebag and its contents burnt to the pipe and his rain pants smoldering.

Tom had plans of the two of us ridding Baffin Island in the future and I plan on completing that rugged trip, and melting a few rain suits myself in his honor. Tom and I shared a penchant for riding in inappropriate riding conditions. I remember riding to Port Dover in January. It was below zero with snow and freezing rain. We were so bundled up that we could barely move. Tom was wearing a huge hoodie on top of his riding gear and he put the hood over top of his helmet and tied it up tight around his face.

We had only made it as far as Ingersoll and when we stopped at a red light, I knew he could hardly see as his glasses were fogged up. Also airing nationally on City TV, Trucker Television gained popularity quickly, providing its viewers a weekly in depth look into the world of Trucking.

It is obvious that Tom was well liked, respected, left a lasting impression on the people that he encountered and was loved by friends and family. Trouble no one about their religion. Respect others in their view and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life and beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and in the service of your people, abuse no one or no thing, for abuse turns wise ones into fools and robs the spirit of its vision.

When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, sing your death song and die like a hero going home. Gone but never forgotten. Ride in peace my friend. Whatever bikes are on my list that I do not shoot for this year will be passed along to Critter and I will make myself available to do shoots because it was the one part of the job that I really loved.

I have more need for ladies as it stands now I have enough ladies on my list to finish out the season but I only have one of them shot so far and I need four more to round out the ladies and their Harleys season. So gals remember this is it for me so no bullshit or you may never get it ok?

I will also be riding in some of my favorite events again schedule permitting as I do travel a lot and some of it is with my aging parents which is my primary job these days, such is life at least so I am told. See you out there on the road. How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? Why does a round pizza come in a square box? What disease did cured ham actually have? If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?

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