Belle clair swap meet 2013

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belle clair swap meet 2013

Belle-Scott Committee Meeting & Dinner, pm One of our goals for at the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce is to provide real bottom-line value to our members. Belle-Clair Expo Center . Motorcycle Swap. St Clair County. A.B.A.T.E. ing address on December 1, Please Swap Meet at Belle Clair Fairgrounds – please feel free to stop by and visit. November 25 - December 31, Nightly 5 pm . Boeing Employees' Railroad Club - St. Louis Railroad Swap Meet Saturday .. Belle-Clair Fairgrounds Park.

belle clair swap meet 2013

Be sure to refresh your browser throughout the night to read the latest information. Shane Clanton Feature time That moves Jason Feger into a fast-time provisional.

An announcement of two track provisional starters is still pending. After finishing second in the first heat he drew the top spot in the feature redraw. He enters tonight's feature with one top-five finish to his credit this season, a career-best third-place run on June 25 at Canandaigua N. It's his series-leading seventh fast time of and the 38th of his career. Tim Fuller was fastest in Group 'B' with a lap of Full results from time trials can be seen here. CT - The start of hot laps was delayed while the track surface was packed and dried sufficiently, but now the program is rolling along.

Practice was completed a short time ago with year-old Bobby Pierce topping the speed chart with a lap of Shane Clanton was second-fastest at Ohlins Shocks time trials will be hitting the track momentarily.

Qualifying is split into two groups, with Group 'A' competing for starting spots in heats one and two and Group 'B' battling it out for positions in heats three and four.

With a little help from some friends and a relative 6: CT - Shane Clanton towed out to this weekend's St.

The Big Belleville Swap Meet

Louis-area doubleheader with a distinctive brown hauler pulling his white trailer. Why the miss-matched rig?

Because Clanton's Kennedy Motorsports toter-home was recently forced out of circulation due to major mechanical trouble, forcing him to borrow his father-in-law Ron Davies's brown truck. With the truck needing immediate servicing, Clanton needed to find alternate transportation to get his equipment to Roaring Knob.

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Eckert came through for Clanton by unhooking his orange hauler from his trailer, driving it to the stricken Clanton's location and pairing it up with Clanton's trailer to take it down the road to Roaring Knob. Then, after the final checkered flag at Roaring Knob, Eckert headed home in his hauler while Clanton hooked his trailer to Davies's rig, which Davies drove down from his home in Warren, Pa.

With Davies, a veteran dirt Late Model racer whose daughter Michelle married Clanton last year, sidelined for the remainder of the season after suffering a concussion and shoulder injury in a grinding crash last month at Pennsylvania's Lernerville Speedway, he allowed Clanton to use his hauler until repairs could be made to Clanton's rig.

Clanton said a rebuild of his hauler's engine by a repair shop in Erie, Pa.

Proctor, MN. Fairgrounds - Swap Meet & Car Show 2016

CT - A car field is signed in for tonight's action, which will begin shortly. Teams are warming engines in the pit area while crews are putting the finishing touches on track-packing so hot laps can start shortly. Another picture-perfect day 5: CT - Today's weather is so glorious -- sunny and in the 70s, with no chance of rain and comfortable temps in the 50s expected tonight -- that even I co-owner Ray Marler is in a relaxed mood.

A notorious worrier when it comes to the weather on race day, Marler is absolutely thrilled about today's conditions. He's not entirely stress-free, of course -- he's still fretting about how many fans will come through the gates and how the racing surface will turn up -- but taking radar-watching out of the equation certainly helps the year-old promoter on a more even keel. The drivers' meeting is scheduled for 6 p.

belle clair swap meet 2013

Ellis Jones, will speak about companies and their impact on the environment, human rights, animal protection and social justice issues.

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