Cheshire fairgrounds swap meet 2014

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cheshire fairgrounds swap meet 2014

Cheshire Fall Festival Market Place and Car Show 40th Annual Time Machines Antique Car Show & Swap Meet July 22, . October 2, - October 2, , Michael OBrien, New Hartford Ledyard Rotary Fairgrounds Car Cruise. January 1, Comments Off on Event Calendar Spring Motorcycle Swap Meet at Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs, CT. The 44th annual Motorcycle Swap Meet in Keene, NH – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Cheshire Fairgrounds. Sunday, September 25, at AM – PM EDT. More than a year ago. pin. Cheshire Fairgrounds. Keene, New Hampshire Show Map.

The weather was threatening and cool but it did not rain.

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This is a fun British bike event with a broad selection of bikes to see along with the British only flea market. Anyone who likes vintage bikes would have a great time seeing these bikes and talking with their owners.

Bikers from all over the country converge on the area for a week of fun and festivities much like Daytona Bike Week only the hills and curves of central New Hampshire are much more fun to ride on than the flat straight Florida highways. Weirs Beach is a little tourist town on huge Lake Winnipesaukee. It is on Route 3 at the bottom of a hill when heading south where a bridge crosses the inlet to Paugus Bay which stretches many miles towards Laconia.

There is a drive-in theater right there that is taken over as a huge vendor area. And the main street along the lake called Lakeside Avenue has a boardwalk and piers along it. This is where bikers like to cruise up and down and park their bikes much like Main Street Daytona. During certain periods all car traffic is kept off that stretch of Route 3 and Lakeside Avenue and bike riders rule.

The weather was nice but cool on both days. There were planned rides on Friday and a gathering at the Baseball Tavern Thursday evening. Saturday had a Sunday had a final barbeque at the home base Howard Johnsons motel. We attended the Saturday bagel breakfast and saw more scooters in one place than we had ever seen before.

I would estimate that between 30 and 40 scooters pulled in. Unlike many motorcycle events where seldom used bikes are brought and displayed most of these scooters were daily riders with enough miles on their odometers to make many motorcyclist envious.

There was a broad range of scooters from the s up to the present and a significant number of lady riders. As one would expect Vespas were in the majority. The weather was hazy but comfortably warm. When most of the group headed out on the Larz Anderson ride they were an unusual and impressive sight. The groups size and loud roar caused cars to make way as they made their way through traffic. The view of the city from the Larz Anderson parking lot lookout was well worth the effort to get there.

Air Heads refers to those traditional opposed twin air cooled BMWs and the Aerdrome of old airplanes is nearby in Rhinebeck NY and there is a ride there on Saturday to watch the air show. We visited on Saturday afternoon June The park is located on route near the Taconic Parkway. This is a very scenic area for motorcycle riding.

The park itself is huge with lots of space and privacy for the Airheads. There was a good cross section of BMWs from all years and models plus some Guzzis and other makes. Most who attended rode in by cycle packing their camping gear with them.

This year is was on Sunday June Vendors are allowed in at 7am and the public at 10am. This is a Harley oriented event but there are other makes around. There was a live band and a motorcycle judging.

The weather was clear and sunny.

cheshire fairgrounds swap meet 2014

I don't think we will ever know that for sure. But you can get a little taste of what it would be like for a vintage motorcycle enthusiast if you make the effort to attend this event.

Rock Crawling Cheshire Fairgrounds Keene, NH

Although most of the people do not look like you remember from the s, most of the motorcycles do and the overwhelming number of them and the friendly atmosphere puts you in a state of mind where you feel you are some place back in time. It is near the center of the state as the name implies. The track is located in a semi-rural area so there is no city traffic to deal with.

The grounds cover many acres but walking to all areas is easy even if it may take a little time. Many people have little cycles to get around. You can get in on Thursday afternoon. This is a great event on many levels. Great for anyone wanting to see lots of running vintage cycles, great for watching vintage races, and of course great for buying vintage cycles whether perfect or a basket case or any sort of cycle part either NOS or used. You can camp at your vendor site.

None of the sites have electricity and access to prepared food is limited. There are plenty of portable toilets all over the grounds and there is a permanent shower and restroom building but it gets rather crowded.


There is also a portable shower unit in the campground. Taking a shower takes a bit of effort. We arrived on Thursday afternoon, July 15, and set up our vendor site. Even then there were lots of vendors already set up. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday had huge crowds and the weather was great. Even with 3 days you still could not see everything.

Around Sunday at noon things start clearing out and by 5pm there is not much left except lots of nice memories and photos. For those who can not get enough exposure to vintage cycle stuff this is the show to go to and bring a truck or trailer. It is a low key event with lots of antique American motorcycles but also a mixture of other antique and classic bikes.

We were there on Saturday Afternoon July There was a bike judging event plus lots of vendors to buy parts or bikes from. They also host a number of vintage motorcycle races over the summer season. There are nice camping facilities in the infield area and it look like most racers took advantage of that.

There are several large buildings that have large open areas where most racers prepare their bikes although many also just used their camp site. We arrived Saturday morning and went through the tunnel to the infield.

cheshire fairgrounds swap meet 2014

It was a nice day for races. In events like these there are usually not many spectators except the family and friends of the racers and some cycle riders who ride in to watch the races. The large buildings where the racers prepared was open for visitors to walk through and watch the racers and mechanics at work. Older riders tend to be at higher risk of crashing for a couple of reasons.

They may be returning to riding after taking years off to tend to family obligations, so their skills are no longer as honed. Physical changes can also pose a problem. To help avoid age-related crashes, older riders are encouraged to take a rider training course and to be sure to ride in their comfort zone — sound advice for any rider. Never ride for the wrong reasons.

Fear can make someone a bigger danger to himself and others. You are riding for you and no one else. Women of the road Think motorcycle driving is reserved for men? The industry is changing and women are moving from the back seat and taking the handles. According to The Motorcycle Industry Council, in 6. Still, some could-be women riders stay away from bikes. They could be intimidated by the idea of controlling the bike, or the expenses of owning one might be overwhelming.

Here, three very different women motorcyclists tell the Hippo why a love of the road ought to be embraced, no matter which set of chromosomes you have.

cheshire fairgrounds swap meet 2014

She rides as much as she can, whether to work or for leisure on the weekends. The very first season she rode, she clocked 7, miles. After the split with her partner, she found herself riding solo for a year or so until she joined the New Hampshire chapter of East Coast Biker Chicks, an all-female riding club established in The women ride together for day trips and long weekend cruises.

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Joining the Chicks, for Prosnitz, was a total game-changer. It was the missing piece of the experience that provided a community of people who all have at least one thing in common.

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Anything I need, they are there and vice versa, I would give them the shirt off my back. While those women certainly exist, the women run the gamut of looks and lifestyles, she said.

Some are professionals, some blue-collar workers, some are grandmas. Motorcycles intrigued her, but the idea of controlling a several-hundred pound machine that offers very little protection was scary. Still, those motorcycle women — boy, did she want to be one. I like tattoos and blond hair.

She likes to ride alone, or with male motorcyclists. She sees benefits in solo riding too. She prefers less structure to what her day will be like than groups can afford, she said. Showing up independently provides opportunities to make friends.

When she asked her father if she could buy a bike, he said no. Not long after, she came home with one anyway. Currently she rides a Suzuki Intruder LC — one of the lower large bikes out there. Back when she started, women were not riding their own motorcycles at all, she said. And the guys who rode, well, they became a bit defensive. In the s, she started riding with a group of about eight other women. Like Prosnitz, she said the female camaraderie gave her a sense of freedom.

She no longer needed to depend on the guys who were more reckless than Karley, a self-proclaimed safety nut. You just have to get the right person to teach you, and taking a safety course is key. Still, they can feel that same freedom going 30 miles per hour. The adrenaline rush comes from the challenge of the terrain, navigating through trees, roots and rocks. Come Monday and Tuesday, you really feel you accomplished something. They may feel that street riding has become too dangerous, and they are tired of worrying about other operators on the road.

In his younger years, he was an avid mountaineer. But when his knees wore out, his doctor agreed that dirt biking would be a good fit for him. My motorcycle is very quiet. I can view wildlife. I see deer, coyotes, moose, birds — just being out in the woods is what I like. Even though he considers himself an experienced motorcyclist and bicyclist, he fell down a lot his first year, especially when trying to get around turns.

The best way to learn, he said, is to go with experienced trail riders.