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26th Annual Spring Willys Jeep Reunion & Swap Meet - Ohio. May 18 - 19, Aurora, Ohio. Please come join us for the 26th Annual Willys Reunion. Willy's Jeep Truck, all stock, as clean on the top side as the bottom. Not just your ordinary event page, followers enjoy daily vintage and currant day Willys n Jeep posts Willys Jeep Truck >> Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4×4 for sale premium auto group · motorcycle tire white lettering · subaru wrx sti price. Willys Jeep V8 Conversion >> Engine swap choices for Willys Jeep CJ2A | The Willys Jeep V8 Conversion >> SEMA: Bruiser Conversions Jeep JK.

Once again, Friday night we will have a 2 groups Jeep Tour of the park. Then both groups will end their tours with a cookout set up at the covered bridge picnic area. Plus new on Friday night at 7: Prepare to step back into More than 1, WWII military and civilian re-enactors and dozens of combat and support units, representing many nations, will be all around you. See up to military vehicles, from motorcycles to Jeeps to tanks - the biggest gathering in the country.

Hear the thunder of tanks and artillery pieces being fired. Experience battles and skirmishes between the French Resistance, Allied and German troops around the battle-scarred French Village. Stroll around the sprawling encampments and experience what life was like for the "G. Joe's", "Tommies", "Diggers","Ivans", and "Jerries" in the field. You can visit the Pacific and European theaters, U.

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Shop the extensive militaria flea market - plus vendors make this one of the nation's largest. Come relive military history with: Andrea Farrington - Website: If there's a Jeep in your driveway, it needs to be here! You'll meet more than 15, people who love Jeeps as much as you do. Off-road trails, Jeep Playground obstacle course, the original Jeep Invasion street party, Jeep History Exhibit and more will make this the best Jeep road trip of the year!

New Jeep activities and attractions in include: Pre-registration for volunteers and participants is available now through May 6th. Register now to guarantee your spot and save time on-site: All vehicles are welcome: Every pre Willys vehicle is eligible to win door prizes.

This show has grown into the largest Northeast Willys event. Over 87 vehicles and hundreds of enthusiasts were present at last year's picnic. There is plenty of space for selling your spare parts in the swap meet area. Bring your Willys memorabilia and interesting parts for show and tell. Be sure to arrive early because at 3: Bring your own picnic lunch or purchase food at the refreshment stand.

This is a great setting to display our classic Willys vehicles, as well as entertainment for the entire family. As always the Willys Picnic, Show and Swap is free.

Moreover, in order to expedite production, the War Department forwarded the Bantam blueprints to Ford and Willys, claiming the government owned the design. Bantam did not dispute this move due to its precarious financial situation. By NovemberFord and Willys each submitted prototypes to compete with the Bantam in the Army's trials. For these respective pre-production runs, each vehicle received revisions and a new name. Bantam's became the BRC Production began on March 31,with a total of 2, built up to December 6 — most of them supplied to Allied nations under the Lend-Lease program.

However, as the company could not meet the Army's demand for 75 Jeeps a day, production contracts were also awarded to Willys and Ford. Some 1, MAs were built, many of which went to the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease — only a mere 27 units are still known to exist. Army units and soldiers. The Ford's overall design and quality of construction had advantages over the Bantam and Willys models, but the GP's engine, an adaptation of the Model N tractor engine, was underpowered and insufficiently reliable.

Fifty units were built with four-wheel steering, of which four have survived.

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Willys won the contract mostly due to its much more powerful 60HP engine the "Go Devil"which soldiers raved about, and its lower cost and silhouette. The design features in the Bantam and Ford entries which represented an improvement over Willys's design were then incorporated into the Willys car, moving it from an "A" designation to "B", thus the "MB" nomenclature.

Most notable was a flat wide hood, adapted from Ford GP. By Octoberit became clear that Willys-Overland could not keep up with production demand, and Ford was contracted to build jeeps as well — but according to Willys blueprints, drawings, specifications and patents, including the Willys engine. Approximately 51, were exported to the U. Many body detail differences remained for as long as Januarywhen a composite body, fabricated by American Central, was adopted by both Ford and Willys, that integrated features of both designs.

Army, which had applied for it, listing Colonel Byron Q. Jones as the inventor on the patent, though he performed no work on the design of the vehicle. Initially, Ford and Willys embossed their brand names in some of their jeeps' panels, like the rear — but the U.

Inspired by the larger DUKWthe vehicle was produced too quickly and proved to be too heavy, too unwieldy, and of insufficient freeboard. The Soviets were sufficiently pleased with its ability to cross rivers to develop their own version of it after the war, the GAZ 46 MAV.

How the jeep got its name[ edit ] See also: Many explanations have proven difficult to verify. With certainty, the term "jeep" was already in use before the war, designating various things; while early jeeps were indicated by many designations and nicknames. Segar 's Popeye cartoons. Army slang for new, uninitiated recruits or other new personnel who still had to prove their mettle; as well as by mechanics, to refer to any new prototypes and untested vehicles to be proven at military bases.

Sanders, a dictionary of military slang, published inin the Pentagon library: A four-wheel drive car of one-half to one-and-one-half-ton capacity for reconnaissance or other army duty.

A term applied to the bantam-cars, and occasionally to other motor vehicles U. Also referred to as "any small plane, helicopter, or gadget. Whether jeep was derived from GP[ edit ] One of the most frequently given explanations, is that the designation GP either from the initial Ford GP, or from the military G.

The first version based on the ford GP model code was already given in an article in the San Francisco Call-Bulletin in late[52] and is to an extent plausible, because the Ford GP was the first of the pre-standardized jeeps to reach GIs by the hundreds, starting early in However, the company handling Willys' P.

Irving "Red" Hausmann, a test driver on the Willys development team who had accompanied the car for its testing at Camp Holabird, had heard soldiers there referring to it as a jeep.

He was enlisted to go to the event and give a demonstration ride to a group of dignitaries, including Katherine Hillyer, a reporter for the Washington Daily News. When asked what it was, Hausmann said "it's a Jeep". This is believed to be the most likely origin of the term being fixed in public awareness. External images Part of Hillyer's Feb article.

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Soldiers in the rear seat for gunners were unperturbed. Military officers and G. Civilian contractors, engineers, and testers may have related it to Popeye's 'Eugene the Jeep character'.

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People may have heard the same name from different directions, and as one person heard it from another, put their own understanding and explanation on it.

One other particularly influential article may have been the January full review of the military's new wonder buggy in Scientific American, reprinted as "Meet the Jeep" in Reader's Digestthe best-selling consumer magazine of the day.

The names are all affectionate, for the jeep has made good. Only a year old, it stole the show in Louisiana. Now the Army plans to have 75, of them. However, the term "jeep' born of GP, an auto manufacturing classification is used by newspapers and most soldiers, and apparently will stick.