2015 aurora il city of lights track meet results

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2015 aurora il city of lights track meet results

The athletic programs of the Elementary Schools of the Aurora Area The rotating schedule for Principal representatives . participating in a non- league tournament (e.g. City of Lights), their total track. B. There may be no participation by students below the fifth grade. .. Aurora, IL Tips. Outdoor. Outdoor · Aurora City Indoor, Aurora, Vaughan Athletic Center Flora Away Meet Outdoor, Flora Illinois, Flora Track and Field. 05/08/* · Wed · @ East Aurora Tournament · A · PM · Stuart Sports Complex · - · 05/14/* · Tue · @ City Of Lights Track Meet · A · PM · West .

Their reality however was far from fair.

2015 aurora il city of lights track meet results

The Bukalasi women were selling their ever-decreasing volumes of coffee to middlemen as cherries for UGX per kilo. The middlemen then resold the coffee to cooperatives and brokers who then continued to move the coffee through several layers of trade on its way to Third Wave coffee joints and high-end grocery stores in the West.

No money made it back to Bukalasi in the form of trainings, equipment, or community development projects. The farmers were left to struggle alone against drought, pests, sickness and more.

After all, if they failed to produce, there was always another farmer somewhere else who had coffee to sell. There is little question that we at Endiro had almost no idea what we were doing when we first began to partner with the ladies of Bukalasi. We had never farmed coffee and had almost zero agricultural knowledge.

What we did have was a passionate and uncompromising commitment to a few key principles: After all, no one was paying that much for coffee. No one was paying anything close to that. We were surely deceiving them. So, at first, they protected themselves. They used our equipment and continued to sell most of their coffee to the middlemen. When we came for the first portion of the harvest inwe found only a little more than a ton of coffee.

But then the money started to be distributed and the farmers realized that we were for real.

2015 aurora il city of lights track meet results

We finished that season with just under 7, kilos of coffee. Now, remember Joyce, our imagined farmer from above. If she sold us her kilos of coffee that year, she just made 2.

During the offseason, we continued to coach, pray with and work alongside farmers to re-strategize their farming methods. Once again, we check in with Joyce, our representative farmer. Now, her crop has increased from kilos to Joyce now has an annual income on par with the Ugandan national average, something she had never dreamed possible.

During a recent visit to Bukalasi to launch the new season, we heard from all of the Bukalasi team leaders — farmers elected by their peers to represent teams of 50 farmers.

Track | 6-7-8

Their testimonies were breathtaking. One woman said that it was the first time in her life that she had ever seen 1 million shillings. She was immediately followed by another farmer who said it was her first time to see 2 million! Several farmers reported that they used their money from last year to buy milk cows and that as a result their children were no longer suffering from malnourishment. Many farmers used their earnings to pay school fees for their children who were no longer missing school.

One can only imagine the long-term impact that an educated younger generation will have on Bukalasi. The reports continued for a long time. For the season, Bukalasi has set a goal of 50, kilos of coffee and so far they are well on pace. For our part, we have stepped up our commitment to these farmers. We will be paying 8, UGX per kilo this season in Bukalasi and investing in additional equipment, training and more. We are even working to develop coffee leaf tea and cascara a beverage made from the dried fruit of coffee cherries so as to bring two additional streams of revenue to the Endiro Growers Bukalasi Group.

All items are fired on-site.

2015 aurora il city of lights track meet results

Big Rock Train Depot s: One of the two original buildings at Blackberry Farm. See what a train lobby and ticket window looked like in the mids. Spinning and Weaving Cabin s: Watch and learn how spinners card and spin wool for clothing.

Observe weavers working on rugs and textiles on antique looms. Watch the blacksmith at work on our forge. One school, one classroom.

See what learning was like for students in the s. See Victorian room settings, treadle sewing demonstrations and temporary exhibits.

Visit 12 shops fashioned after s downtown Aurora, nicknamed the City of Lights because it was the first city in American to install electric street lighting. Houses an extensive vehicle collection of horse-drawn carriages and carts. Everyone ages 1 and up who is attending an event that includes a meal or give-away will need a ticket.

This information is included in the event details online and on Facebook events listings. What happens if there is inclement weather on the day of an event? Blackberry Farm is open rain or shine.

2015 aurora il city of lights track meet results

We do everything in our power to stage every special event. This may require postponing or relocating to an indoor facility. If there is lightning in the area, the park will close operations until it is safe to be outdoors, which is indicated by our lightning detection service — or 30 minutes after the last observed lightning strike.

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Occasionally, if the weather is deemed too severe for the event to proceed, Blackberry may reschedule the event for another day. If this occurs, no refunds will be made for tickets. Watch the Blackberry Farm Facebook page for updates when the weather is questionable. Cancellation or postponement of events will be posted as soon as possible or at least 2 hours ahead of the scheduled time of the event. I am no longer able to attend the event for which I purchased a ticket. Can I get a refund?

All ticket sales are final. Most of our events sell out and are in high demand.

Progress Aurora Building Bridges, Infrastructure and Its Future

Blackberry Farm does not provide assistance in the resale of tickets. How should I dress for my event? Blackberry Farm is an outdoor facility, so always be sure to dress for the weather. We suggest always packing heavier coats in your car just in case the weather becomes chilly. The event is sold out — can I just get two more tickets…please?

Unfortunately, once an event is sold out we cannot add more tickets. We want to ensure our guests have a great experience at every event, and staying within the specified ticket limit for the event is an importance aspect to that.

Many times, if guests are unable to attend an event, they post in the Facebook event listing to sell the tickets they will not use. Blackberry Farm does not facilitate third-party ticket transactions. Birthday Parties, Picnics and After-Hour Rentals Blackberry Farm offers several scenic, picturesque settings that can accommodate large and small scale outings and events — receptions, family reunions, graduation parties, baby showers, meetings, retreats, company picnics.

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