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I used to profiling addons called "AddOns CPU Usage" and "Addon Usage" in . is in most of these addons that track your alts and their banks and bags. . As a final note, there are three extremely popular addons that I have found . Chat, Quests, NPCScan, Gathermate look i have a lot of addons okay?. Jun 6, With the changes to how certain add-ons work with TLPD and the introduction of Cross Realm NPCscan: Camping for Time Lost Proto Drake. Here are some of the WoW AddOns supported by WowMatrix, with more being by Burnum. Works with jogglerwiki.infoy and gives you a toggle .. Provides 3 bars to keep track of your Beacon of Light, Judgement of the Pure, LDB data broker that includes modules for a bunch of displays such as zone.

When camping, you need to have a lot of patience. If you do not have patience you will drive yourself crazy. You might be one of the extremely lucky players that will find TLPD within a couple hours, or by just flying around.

However, you need to be prepared to spend a LOT of time camping. I mentioned earlier that it took me 1, hours total to catch my TLPD. I should mention that during those 1, hours, I had seen him more than once. I had either missed him because I was away from my computer, or because another player was slightly quicker than I was in attacking him. Play minigames Add-ons on Curse have mini-games that you can install to play while in-game World of Warcraft: Playing multiple Accounts at the Same Time A little note about having multiple accounts: I have two accounts and play them both fairly often, because I have a ton of characters.

Some characters I use only for farming, some for raiding, while some are just profession characters. There are many reasons that you might want two accounts, so if you have enough money, go for it. If you decide to go this route, you should know that you CAN attach a second account to your battle. By having multiple accounts attached to your battle. You will also have to pay to upgrade the new account to your preferred expansion.

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There are times when blizzard has sales on the expansions, so you can keep an eye out for these sales if you want to grab a new account.

Also, with the option to purchase WoW time with in-game gold - it makes it easier to pay for all accounts without charging your bank account! Camping for Time Lost Proto Drake NPCscan is an add-on that used to alert you when a rare mob was within targetting distance, whether or not you have even attempted to target the mob.

However, Blizzard has changed the way that mobs are cached in the game. At least when it comes to a big dragon like the TLPD. If for some reason your mouse hovered over the rare and you weren't paying attention - the button that pops up will help you find the rare. It will look like the picture posted above, but will instead have a picture of TLPD and his name.

NPC Scan and having to delete Cache

Simply click on the button and it will target the rare for you. Make a macro and spam this macro while camping. You want it to target the rare and then, preferably, have it cast a spell to pull. Typically you would want it to be an instant cast spell. World of Warcraft Spawn Points and Patrol Routes The picture above and below show detailed pictures of the spawn paths and patrol routes. When TLPD spawns, he will begin flying on his patrol route.

There are four different places in Storm Peaks from which he can spawn from, meaning there are four different routes he can fly around. After he spawns he will randomly choose whether he goes clockwise on his route, or counter clockwise.

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Most people refer to it as "Frozen Lake". In all of the following pictures Time Lost Proto Drake will spawn on the mountain and then proceed to fly down and patrol his route.

The second picture shows the area on the mountain on which you can wait to spawn. If you sit directly on the mountain on the slight incline in the middle of my circle, you should be able to automatically aggro him. The black star represents the Spawn point. This is the spawn point when looking towards the waterfall.

Blue Proto Drakes will be flying right above your head, as seen in this picture. So, when he dies, it would take a minimum of six hours for him to spawn again. In Cataclysm, Blizzard made the wait time much shorter. He can now spawn as quickly as half an hour after his death.

Another new feature recently implemented is a search option, letting users hunt for particular items and mobs instead of wandering around until you find them. This modification allows players to easily compare in-depth item information, such as comparing prices, which quests the items are used for, and even the required materials for recipes and professions.

For players who like the idea of Auctioneer without all of the extra bells and whistles, there is a smaller, more lightweight version available here. Your inventory will now display each character's name, their faction, and what server they're on, while also allowing you to sift through each of their inventories with incomparable ease. Not only is every one of your inventory's now in one place, but there is also a search bar at the top that allows players to find a specific item.

Designed to be as simple and lightweight as possible, MikScrollingBattleText is highly customizable, leaving the power in the hands of the player to make every combat experience more efficient and easier to see. With multiple scrolling text boxes, combat information is easily organized into damage, healing, notifications, and essentially however you'd like your combat experience to look like.

Replacing Blizzard's stock floating combat text, MikScrollingBattleText could make the difference between successful combat and a few calculations from defeat. OmniCC Actions Bars, Combat As simple as it is necessary, OmniCC is plainly an addon used solely to add a countdown timer to literally everything you can imagine a cooldown for.

Whether it be your trinkets, spells, abilities, items, or virtually anything, OmniCC adds a countdown timer for all players to easily know when abilities will be available.

This is almost mandatory if you plan to take PvP or PvE seriously, considering knowing exactly when each part of your rotation will be up is crucial to any player's damage or heals. Titan Panel Plugins and UI Close your eyes and imagine a toolbar with everything you could ever want to keep track of. Ladies and Gentlemen, Titan Panel.

With unique frames replacing the standard party, target, pet, and more, all of the modifications will be yours. Along with the ability to reshape your UI to your liking, X-Perl also grants the ability to see the target of your target.