Al saner track meet results sheet

'Carbon bubble' coming that could wipe trillions from the global economy: study

al saner track meet results sheet

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He took passage by the Roscoe, Capt. Delano in command, bound for Liverpool. He sailed on Jan. They reached the English Channel on the 26th. A glowing description is given of the fine way in which the passengers lived on these packet-ships. He entreats his wife to feel sure that all would go well, though she might not hear from him very regularly, and he begs her in all matters to remember his motto, 'Peace on earth and good will towards men.

He was very much impressed with York, and says that 'if ever I was to be born again I would like it to be at York'. In Edinburgh he visited everything, from the fifteenstory hovels to the one-story palaces.

He gives a description of some graves at Leith covered with iron grates and locked to keep the surgeons out; with a watch kept the entire night. He says, '0 Scotland! Could you not invent any other method of getting your coal out of the mine save on the backs of females!!!!

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It is a fact that there are women whom they call bearers, whose business it is to carry coal out of the pit. Syme an operation by 'Mr. Ferguson, a young surgeon.

From Edinburgh he proceeded to Glasgow, then to Belfast and Dublin, and then on to London, where he spent two weeks, apparently of great misery, as the weather was atrocious. He shook the mud of England from his feet at Dover, and departed, hoping never to be soiled with it again. He asked the master of the hotel to give him some information regarding French travelling, and got, he says, a regular English account, Johnsonian without his wit.

He told this fellow to go to hell, and jumped over his ladder. He writes, 'I am now in the very region of Voltaire and Rousseau; and the Pantheon, in which one set of bigots deposited their bodies, from whence another set tore their bones, raises its classic front before my window. I look on it and feel I am not so much of an infidel as when surrounded by Christians.

On his first day he says he did not understand more than half he said, but he understood his operations. He says there was a gentleman from Mobile, Mr. Jewett, who had been there for three years. Americans were not scarce; there were four or five from New York, two from Baltimore, and several from Boston and Philadelphia.

Some of the lectures were in the evening, at seven o'clock, and he went to hear M. He says, 'The hospitals here are conducted on the most liberal terms; there is nothing to pay but for the private courses, and the fee is small for them.

At eleven I am at a school of practical anatomy, where I dissect until two. Then I attend a class of practical surgery until three; then hear Broussais and Andral until five; then dine. At seven I attend Helmagrande's class of midwifery, which lasts until nine; then I come to my room and read or write until eleven, when I retire.

al saner track meet results sheet

In his letter of July 3 he says: There is room and material for or upwards, though there are but few there at present; this place was provided for the inscribed students of the school, and they get their subjects for a mere trifle. There is not the least prejudice existing here against dissections; even the subjects do not seem to mind it, though they are aware of their fate, for more than two-thirds of the dead are carried to the l'Ecole Pratique or Clamart. The other day an old woman bade me adieu as we passed her bed without calling, and I stopped to ask if she was going out.

Then she said she was going to Clamart, and that we might meet again. He says in his letter of July For this service we receive nothing, and for this privilege we pay nothing; you ought to be gratified at this, because it will convince you I have not been wasting my time.

I have not been more gratified since I have been in Europe; it is a real benefit and came unsolicited. There is not a solitary great man in France that is idle, for if he was, that moment he would be outstripped; it is a race, and there are none so far ahead that they are not pressed by others; many are distanced, it is true, but there are none allowed to walk over the course. Velpeau, from a poor boy without money, time, education, or friends, has by industry made himself one of the first surgeons in Europe.

Broussais is a genius, and when he entered life he saw that something was to be done, or rather that he must do something, and he seized the science of medicine as a good old doctor would a bottle of lotion, and shook it manfully; France, Germany, all Europe, parts of Asia, and America have felt the agitation.

'Carbon bubble' coming that could wipe trillions from the global economy: study

But younger men also feel the necessity of doing something, and they are now endeavouring to quiet the commotion he has raised, and in France they have measurably succeeded.

He fights well while in the ring against awful odds, for the truth is against him, but some of her brightest geniuses he has put to rout or silence. Time is now about to enter the field, and I have no doubt will place a splendid monument over him, to prevent him from being forgotten. I am glad I know of what they are made, and how they made themselves great, though this knowledge has broken the last of my household gods; yet it has taken away the flaming swords that stood before the gates of this Paradise, where may still be seen the track of the serpent and of the devil himself, so I will keep out of bad company.

For months he did not hear a word from home; then letters came at long intervals. He apparently had been re-reading some of his wife's letters, in one of which she had been reproaching him for using strong language. Now listen to me while I speak the truth, for on this subject you know that I always do speak what I think is true.

Here I still look on the evil side and find it terrible. Human nature is not perfect, and their refined and perfected systems of morals will not apply, and if we were perfect we would not need them. I speak the words of truth and soberness.

al saner track meet results sheet

He evidently was of St. Paul's opinion with reference to the subjection of the wife. He says in one place: Are we not told, if our right hand offends to cut it off, etc. They are charmingly written and display in every page the wise physician; wise not only with the wisdom of the schools, but with that deeper knowledge of the even-balanced soul who 'saw life steadily and saw it whole.

Fenner states that it was accompanied by a beautiful map drawn by the author, and a large number of valuable statistics. In an historical sketch of the settlement he thus depicts the early border life: They surpassed the natives in physical force and in genius, and equalled them in ferocity. They had the piratical appetite for gain natural to the English race, which they had cultivated among the whites, and they readily acquired the Indian taste for blood.

He was the fifth child of eight and his father was a laborer and cobbler. Early on Stagg's family instilled moral, religious ethics into his already resilient character.

Stagg worked and attended public school until Following his graduation from high school, Stagg, aged twenty-one, enrolled in post-graduate courses at Philips Exeter Academy in order to prepare for Yale University Entrance exams. InAmos Alonzo Stagg entered Yale as a freshman. He intended to study divinity and become a minister. A popular, if not mediocre student, Stagg excelled in numerous sports including baseball and football, sang in the glee club, and was the financial manager of the Yale News.

It was Stagg's devotion to athletics, which marked his tenure at Yale.


By his senior year in school, Stagg, already a star catcher on the baseball team, joined the football team that provided him with a life-long love of the game and a dedication to amateur sports. InStagg enrolled as a full-time student at Yale's Divinity School, but soon left because of his poor ability to preach sermons.

Stagg soon found work in the athletic department at the new International Young Men's Christian Association training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. His success as a football coach at the college earned him great notoriety throughout intercollegiate athletics. Stagg's appointment came with full tenure, an assistant professorship and substantial salary, setting a precedent in selections of athletic directors in American universities.

Harper and Stagg soon developed a life-long, intimate friendship that had a significant impact in the development of athletics and football at the University of Chicago.

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InStagg coached and often played in the first football season at the University of Chicago. A "green" team, Stagg's innovative coaching and personal charisma helped earn the new football players success in the field.

al saner track meet results sheet

The early years of the 's marked the rise of Stagg's presence not only in athletics, but also within the administration of "Harper's university. Intercollegiate football gave the university a significant measure of prestige.

It was at this time he met and married Stella Robertson, a young freshman from upstate New York. Their marriage was an extremely happy one and Stella, referred to as Stagg's beloved "assistant coach," often sat in the press stands, offering commentary on the football games.

Iowa State High School Track & Field Championships - Day 1 and 2 Results (Raw)

Together they had three children, two of whom followed their father in careers as coaches. Under President Harper's administration, Coach Stagg enjoyed a tremendous amount of influence in the policies governing intercollegiate athletics and the Department of Physical Culture at the university.

Preferential treatment of players, special athletic scholarships and controversial recruiting tactics were supported by the office of the university president. Football generated a lot of revenue for the school and even more enthusiasm from students, faculty and alumni alike.

al saner track meet results sheet

Coach Stagg's enhanced reputation on campus allowed him a great deal of autonomy in dealing with athletics. Affectionately dubbed the "old man," he was bold and impatient with anyone who challenged his manner of leading the Department of Physical Culture and the football team.

National and collegiate reforms of the game, coaching, and recruiting had little impact on Stagg's dynamic. Even the loss of Coach Stagg's long time friend and confidant, William Rainey Harper, did little to diminish his authority. The successive president, Harry Pratt Judson continued to encourage and protect Stagg and the game of football.