Dk blood tank 3 5a district track meet

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dk blood tank 3 5a district track meet

Welcome to Tanking Tuesday, your weekly thread for everything Used to playing blood DK in Legion. I don't Start with normal 5 man dungeons until you meet the gear requirement for heroics (which is ilvl). . General opinions on current state of Vengeance DH? .. How do you guys track aggro?. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking .. first FU pair and leave us with two Blood runes and the other FU pair, 3 seconds elapsed. You can (and Should) add Blood Boil to the list if you usually fight more than 1 enemy. You can focus on anything while just pressing one constantly, so tanking requires . When Raise Dead is cast it focuses your pet to let you have better track of it . #showtooltip /castsequence reset=35 Death Grip, Dark Command, Dark.

It has more mastery, a gem socket, more stm, more armor, and only comes at the loss of about. This is mainly due to them not even adding a tanking cloak and the BiS is supposed to be the Hyjal rep one. Threat - Threat only matters within the first seconds of a fight or when a new mob is picked up. For these situation DRW Glyph fixes most any issues you should encounter.

If you're good with threat gen and are able to swing it - MD's should be used on the pull and that's it. Tricks should be optimized and used on other DPS as often as possible. If you're finding yourself unable to have legit threat gen, then have your rogues assist with tricks as well.

dk blood tank 3 5a district track meet

The actual 'cap' is a dynamic number that will change from person to person. For those ppl who argue about interrupts and being hit capped, I don't consider that into this statement because in 25 mans, interrupts are covered by other people than the tank. You can assist with them, but shouldn't be involved in any rotation due to the fact you shouldn't be hit capped or you're gimping your survival.

dk blood tank 3 5a district track meet

Tbh, it probably can be answered on a sheet of paper after doing a ton of math, but in the end there isn't going to be a huge difference in the overall outcome. It comes down to what would you rather have: The rng of Avoidance or the consistency of Mastery?

However for the majority of our progression I chose Mastery due to the consistency of it compared to Avoidance. Yes, avoidance will sometimes look better on paper and provide less dmg taken overall, but it forces you to be taking much heavier bursts of dmg. I see a lot of people referring to healer mana also.

While, yes, it is more of an issue than it was in WotLK, it's still not something that is a game breaker. Healers aren't reactively healing to the point of cancel casting constantly or waiting to see if you take multiple hits THEN casting a reactive heal.

If anything, they will choose to use a larger inefficient heal vs a lower more efficient one. In the end, tank healer mana isn't a huge issue.

Even if it was, with the way dmg intake is atm, I don't see them being able to really change much in how they approach tank healing. Stamina - Stamina is not what it once was. Gone are the days of it being the number one stat no matter what, and welcome to the day where it basically has a 'soft cap'. What I mean by that is you're never really in a situation where you're taking so much dmg in such a short time frame that it's going to kill you unless you have a certain amount of hp.

There are some fights where that DOES still happen, but almost every situation can be compensated for with cooldowns and thus allowing you to focus more on non stm stats such as mitigation and avoidance.

Don't get me wrong, stm is still a very important stat and scales with most DK abilitiesbut it's not THE most important stat. It has nicely fallen into a balance area with the rest of tanking itemization which I enjoy.

I like using that combined with or since they give you either a passive or on use cd combined with a significant amount of health. I am sure questions will arise, so just post if you have any on the above information. It is a single target spec and doesn't have any focus on AE whatsoever. To address anyone still talking about Lichborne post 4. It will still save you in a pinch and is very helpful on any progression encounter where keeping yourself alive is the most important factor out there.

The glyphs are also based on what I think is most optimal for single target tanking.

dk blood tank 3 5a district track meet

Rune Strike- Dmg amp glyph. Heart Strike- Dmg amp glyph. Glyphs Major Vamp Blood- I love this glyph and see a lot of people that don't use it. Dancing Rune Wpn- Used on every pull or pickup of new mob for additional threat.

Blood DK 7.1.5 Tanking Guide WoW Legion (Raid/M+)

I swap between BS and RT often. If you are doing it right, you don't need an extra 2 secs to assist your timing of the cd. I personally like the changes with SF and it doesn't interfere a ton with the rotation lose one DS once a minute. I was never really a fan of having anyone keep up debuffs on the boss attack slow and demo for me since it wasn't always guaranteed to happen in every situation.

It would actually make it worth picking up outside of added BB dmg. In the end though, the DK tree is pretty solid for the most part without any wasted talents imo. Which Professions should my Death Knight use: This has already been covered, but just to add it into the summary here, it's basically even across the board with slight variants of what you gain.

I personally think LW is a must not only for the stm gain on the bracers, but for the drums of speed benefit as well.

Blood Legion

That is something that isn't able to be weighted, but is a nice raid utility xfactor and helps kill bosses. All of them come out to around the same benefit for the most part other than Eng. I picked Eng due to the armor gain since it gives me stats when I need them I macro'd it into my VB - stats that outweigh the passive from other profs during its uptime.

The DK tank is a unique animal. It isn't like that of a Paladin, Warrior, or a Druid btw I have one of each and tank on them all, this isn't just me speculating. I'm not saying any one class is 'ezmode' or any of that jazz. Anyone playing any tanking class at a high level is obviously on a different skill level.

I'm just saying a DK isn't something you're going to pick up and be able to do easily. It is very unforgiving and advanced class and almost completely 'maunual-ized', so keep that in mind. You are going to see a ton of people confuse parses from people that don't know what they're doing with people saying things are 'broken', 'overnerfed', 'undertuned', etc.

I highly implore anyone who has those questions about this class to directly ask someone who knows what they are doing and not fall victim to much of this fluff that clutters quite a bit of this thread. Below are some links to a DK PoV on some of the harder 25mHeroic bosses i'll have some more updated later on: YouTube - Blood Legion vs Cho'gall 25hm The fact is - A Death Knight tank who has the ability to manage the numerous cooldowns properly, time death strikes optimally, and use their self healing at the correct times - you will find yourself able to do many things other classes cannot.

Sure, you are going to be 'spikey' at times, but that is somewhat the premise of the class itself. A Death Knight excels at single target tanking, and that is it's niche in the current tanking scheme which I am a fan of greatly.

You are going to take more dmg, but you are also going to heal yourself for a ton more and be able to save a lot of situations where other tanks wouldn't.

dk blood tank 3 5a district track meet

I know there is a huge range of guild progression out there so I will go over a few things from each boss that would be relevant for a DK tank to know and implement. Keep in mind, any of this information could vary depending on how your guild does the fight and your role involved.

Also, this isn't a complete 'how to' strategy session, but rather a quick outline of cds for a DK tank looking to step into these encounters and help out their guild. If you don't see a cd listed, that's not because its not being used, just use it as you see fit. This fight is both feast and famine for a DK tank. The way most of the dmg bursts come in the fight ensures you have some form of a cd active for each of them.

However, the periods of time where you are unable to attack the boss suck quite a bit since you are unable to DS - so try and have VB or BS up during those times.

IBF if you are ever forced to be outside the group for Shadow Conductor. Pre fight change, it was a pretty fun fight since a DK could kite adds with the Bone shield glyph as seen here: Because it's a survival spec which can solo so many things which makes the healers job easier. But let's see the ups and downs. You won't see an ICC raid 25hc without paladin tanks. So, we have to fight with druids and even other paladins to get a spot as 2nd tank in raids.

Some things may sound obvious to you but to other people maybe it isn't that way. Always and forever use the Frost Presence. You may need to switch to Unholly presence sometimes but don't do it if you don't have frost runes up. If you die while doing that it is your own fault. You can't parry or dodge attacks from behind.

Use hysteria on the top physical dps but use it on yourself if you have big problems in threat. Heal yourself as much as you can so you won't depend on healers. Use your defensives in a clever way. Don't ever spam the keyboard. Use the rotation I designed or come up with your own rotation.

Always remember that the mistakes of the tanks can wipe the raids in an instant. You are in no position to afk or to slack. Make sure you have more threat than the rest of the players. Tanks normally don't have a rotation they have a "priority list" but I will give you what I usually use.

Please note that there are 2 types: There is no 'optimal' choice by default as each one is completely depending on mechanics for its usefulness. It is worth noting that Remorseless Winter can be used fantastically as a CD if you are being hit by stunnable adds.

Just be aware that their swing timer resets when they unfreeze, so move slightly to have them reach you at different time to prevent one big whollap when they come unstunned.

The one thing that makes me groan more than any other thing when it comes to DKs, is when I see them tanking with Runic Empowerment.

This is the only "bad" choice when it comes to out rune regen talents, as it directly works against DS timing. This means when you use DS is less dictated by when you can use it for best DS timing and more dictated by when you need to dump runic power.

As blood we want to have a FU pair ready to go if we take damage requiring a reaction. User interface Not everyone agrees with this, but many raiders, including myself, will swear on a good user interface as being important to your success as a raider. In the Execution chapter I mention internalizing things to help with execution in a stressful situation.

Basically the more things you have committed to muscle memory, the more focus you have to pay attention to other things like raid awareness.

For example, Bone Shield should generally be used off cooldown as long as you have no remaining charges, but if you have remaining charges you should delay using it until they are gone. You could just keep track of all this mentally, OR you could just have an addon in your user interface tell you when to use by telling it to only go off if Bone Shield is up and you have no charges. Simply hit Bone Shield when that icon comes up and you have perfect optimal use of Bone Shield just.

DK Tanking Guide (updated for )

You transferred something that would normally take a lot of focus and made it into just reacting to your interface. UI elements like this go a long way in helping your performance. Other factors of a good UI involve tracking all your CDs including externals!!! DS timing requires a constant awareness of your health and runes, so both of those should be very visible in your UI.

Finally things such as threat plates help you keep track of threat without having to tab through mobs, as well as selecting a non-aggroed add out of a clumped up group of aggrod ones. How to improve If you're reading the advanced guide, there's a good chance you are trying to grow as raider and move up into the next tier of raiding from where you are.

If that's the case you've taking the right first step, but improving in any performance based field isn't just about knowledge. The first step to this is never making excuses, only observations.

Did you die because you had an add on you that the other tank was supposed to have? Sure it may have been his "fault", but if you didn't use a cooldown then you still made a mistake. That ideology will make a better player in the end run, because whose fault it actually is has nothing to do with getting stuff done.

Useful macros for death knights

Regardless of who did what, look at what YOU could do with the situation to make it better. If you missed something that might have saved the situation, then make a note of it and admit you could have done that better. The same ideology goes with criticism. If you aim to push your way into high end guilds, you're going to get criticism at some point.

dk blood tank 3 5a district track meet

Being able to take whats being said without getting defensive is an important attribute, because again not having something be your fault doesn't change the situation or teach you anything. Another great technique for improving your performance is recording yourself. If you have access to a screen capture software I myself prefer Bandicam then record the entire raid and take some time to watch it. You don't have to watch it all the way through, but just watching some key moments as well as some overall play is great.

You see a LOT more looking over your own shoulder than you will just be keeping track of any mistakes live. Finally, realize that you can't improve everything at once. Focus on specifics and until you're all rounded out. Know what your weaknesses are and focus on those until you have new weaknesses in comparison, and rinse repeat until every attribute is where you want it to be. Whatever your weakest skill, invest all your energy into improving that skill until its on par with everything else.

Execution One of the most important elements of any performance field competitive games, music, sports, etc. If you can't take what you know and apply it, it's not doing anyone any good. If you have problems with execution or performance anxiety, you're definitely not alone though.

Performance Psychology is a field growing at a huge rate, and for good reason I am not a Performance Psychologist, but one of my good friends is. There is a lot of science behind why people get nervous when its time to put up or shut up, and there are a lot of techniques around how to deal with it.

What may work for someone else may not work for you, but at the very least take heart that you're far from alone. Part of being able to execute is to internalize as MUCH as possible. Make as much as you can passive and automatic so that you can focus on the things that DO need your attention.

If you try to focus on absolutely everything going on at once you're going to drop something important, so take the time to commit things to muscle memory so that you can simple execute when the time comes. One thing that prevents many players from perfect execution is performance anxiety, also known as "stage fright". Maybe it's when they first join a new guild, or maybe its when they get to a new boss, but at some point many players have suffered from nervousness that kept them from playing at their peak.

Nerves are a vicious cycle. If you make a mistake your are likely going to get more nervous, which makes you more likely to make more mistakes, so on so forth. Many people deal with nerves differently. Some people take steps beforehand to prevent nerves in the first place using rituals like always eating before raid or running over raid strats for at least 30 minutes before raid etc. In the moment of panic after a mistake is made, the best thing in my opinion is to just completely ignore it for the remainder of the pull.

Don't ignore the mistake in that you don't adjust your play around it picking up an add that may have spawned or somethingbut don't dwell on it. There are many other techniques than what I've listed here, and performance psychology is a widely applicable field so you can find non-video game related resources on nervousness and apply it to raiding very easily.

The formula for calculating rune regen time is as follows: To find the time saved in seconds from haste, we use that formula above to calculate the recharge time at 0 haste with buffs and subtract from that the recharge time at haste with buffs.

Next, solve for x: A usual boss swing timer is worth 1.