Jc track meet 2016 results of dancing

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jc track meet 2016 results of dancing

NSYNC was an American boy band formed in Orlando, Florida, in and launched in Germany by BMG Ariola Munich. NSYNC consisted of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey . In January , the group released "Bye Bye Bye", an upbeat dance track, which shot into the top 5 of the Hot and. Texas Results · JC - Houston Schedule · JC - Austin / San Antonio Schedule. More in this category: «JC - DFW Schedule. Men's Track & Field Schedule. All Pittsburg State Gorilla Classic. Pittsburg, KS West Texas A&M Classic & Multis New Mexico JC Ross Black Invitational.

Firstly, we distinguished between habitats that provided noteworthy plant resources for honey bees and those that were unlikely to be utilized for foraging. Resource providing habitats were hedgerows, intensively or extensively used grassland, fallows, meadow orchards, maize fields, sunflower fields, legume fields including alfalfa, white and red clover and legume mixtures and non-flowering crop fields predominantly weeds in beet and cereal fields and vineyards.

The relative cover of each habitat type was computed using a geographical information system Arc-GIS and digital land use data, which was validated by field inspections. Secondly, we estimated total flower cover on the 2, m scale.

jc track meet 2016 results of dancing

Total flower cover was extrapolated by summing estimations of mean flower cover per area multiplied by the relative cover of each habitat type across all habitat types in each landscape.

In order to keep track of changes in resource distributions over time, the assessment of the flower cover was done twice. The two discrete timespans for which flower cover was assessed in this study were named period A and period B.

Period A lasted from 17th July to 2nd Augustwhile vegetation period B lasted from 3rd August to 18th August Mean patch size of resource-providing habitats, a configurational measure of landscape complexity, was used as proxy for resource heterogeneity in the landscape. Heterogeneous and more complex resource environments are characterized by small mean patch sizes. Study organism Twenty-four colonies of Apis mellifera carnica were established on 11th July by making nucleus colonies that were equal in size.

jc track meet 2016 results of dancing

Each colony was provided with three fully occupied brood combs, two food combs Zander measure and a mated queen. Nucleus colonies were inserted into hive boxes with nine frames. The empty space was filled with two empty combs and two wax sheet frames. Sets of three honey bee colonies were placed in the centre of each study landscape on individual levelled tables.

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Combs were held in place by a tight-fitting slot system that prevented tilting while hive boxes were rotated. The successful disruption of waggle dance orientation on horizontal combs in our experimental hive boxes was confirmed by in-hive video recordings Fig.

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The results of the questionnaires showed positive effects of the dance class on social life, health, body-feeling and mobility, and on everyday life competences of the PD patients. Beneficial effect was also found for the caregivers.

The findings demonstrate that dance has beneficial effect on the functional mobility of individuals with PD. Further, dance improves the quality of life of the patients and their caregivers.

Dance may lead to better therapeutic strategies as it is engaging and enjoyable. PD is characterized by muscle rigidity, tremor, postural instability, gait abnormalities, a slowing bradykinesiaand a loss of physical movement akinesia. People with PD often report that interactions with the local environment are also severely affected Harris, In general, individuals with PD experience a decline of their functional mobility that increases the risk of falls.

Individuals with PD may also show changes in their mental status, including significant depression and disturbance of memory and cognition.

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As a consequence of the insufficient physical activity, the disease is associated with osteoporosis, muscle weakness, and low self esteem, which leads to a withdrawal from activities, social isolation, and a decline of the quality of life Bloem et al. Treatment options in PD are manifold. The pharmacological medications, l-DOPA and surgical treatments [deep brain stimulation DBS ] target mainly motor symptoms, but are — in the late state of the disease — not sufficient to recover motor symptoms completely.

Additional therapeutic interventions are required to further improve motor symptoms. In particular, balance and gait difficulties and the impaired functional mobility are treated by supplementary physio- and movement therapy with traditional exercise approaches, to further reduce the risk of falling, enhance mobility, and practise the adjustments to environmental demands.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that physical activity for individuals with PD has positive effects on gait velocity, muscular strength, balance, and quality of life Goodwin et al. According to these findings, various exercise programs have been developed for patients with PD, such as balance practice, aerobic training, treadmill training, water gymnastics, and stretching-power-exercises.

Unfortunately, the compliance and regular participation, which is essential for the efficacy of the exercise programs, is often insufficient. Therefore, more attractive and enjoyable activities, like dance, have to be offered to assure the regular participation of the patients. This prompted Kirkpatrick to call Joey Fatone, a friend he had met while working at Universal Studios.

Then, Fatone and Kirkpatrick approached Lou Pearlman for more suggestions. However, at the last minute, Galasso dropped out.

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He was not fond of the group's musical direction, claiming that being a teen idol was never a goal of his. Timberlake soon called his vocal coach, who suggested a year-old from Mississippi named Lance Bass. Bass flew to Orlando to audition and was immediately accepted into the group.

jc track meet 2016 results of dancing

Pearlman hired Johnny Wrightmanager of the Backstreet Boysto manage the group. The group performed for him and a group of BMG executives. Although the record company had some concerns with the band's name and Bass's dancing abilities, they agreed to sign the group to BMG Ariola Munich with Wright as their manager. The album's official lead single" I Want You Back ", was released in Germany on October 7,and entered the top 10 in Germany on November 18, Their self-titled debut album was initially released by BMG Ariola Munich on May 26,in Germany, and peaked at number one in the second week after its release.