Kinsmen track meet saskatoon 2013 results

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kinsmen track meet saskatoon 2013 results

· · · · · · · · · Special thanks to Ian Reid and Athletics Ontario for many of the results posted below. 29th, Knights of Columbus, Saskatoon, SK · March 23rd, Canada - Russia Dual Meet, Montreal, QC · December 10th, Ottawa Kinsmen, Ottawa, ON. Saskatoon Field House - Site License Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER Page 1 Saskatoon Kinsmen Indoor Championships - 15/03/ to . 1 Saskatoon Track & Field Club 'A' 10 1 Dauvin Tori 02 2. Session 38 - Track Wed Wednesday 5/23/ #1 Girls Meter Dash Midget Prelims · #2 Boys Meter Dash Midget Prelims.

Search strategy for the identification of studies To develop our search strategy, we ran the Medline search strategy see Additional file 1Strategy A from a Cochrane review on the broad concept of continuous quality improvement [ 28 ]. However, this strategy was not focused on lean. Since lean is not represented in controlled vocabularies of biomedical databases, an information scientist developed a Medline search strategy see Additional file 1Strategy B This focused keyword strategy will be translated and run in the databases listed below.

We will not make use of methodological filters and will not apply date or language limits. All search strategies will be provided in the final review. The following electronic databases will be searched for primary studies: Other search methods We will also do the following: Sites searched will be reported in the review.

Two review authors will independently screen all titles and abstracts MFHK and MK to assess which studies meet the inclusion criteria.

We will retrieve the full text copies of all potentially relevant papers, and disagreement on the inclusion will be resolved by a third member of the research team TR. Data management We will record and report details on the number of retrieved references, the number of full text papers obtained and the number of included and excluded articles. We will manage this data in EndNote and use an excel spreadsheet. We will categorize articles based on three types of studies as suggested by a previously published literature review on lean management in hospitals [ 29 ].

The three article types are as follows: The reason for excluding retrieved full text studies will be stated in the final review.

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We will refer unresolved disagreements on data abstraction to a third review author TR and LK and if consensus cannot be reached, the contact author of the review, LA.

If necessary, we will seek additional information from the authors of the primary studies. Risk of bias assessment Two independent review authors will assess the methodological quality of all included studies, using the EPOC checklist for the assessment of methodological quality of studies [ 8 ].

EPOC criteria to be assessed include allocation of concealment, sequence generation, blinding of participants and personnel, similarities of baseline measures, confounding, similarities of baseline characteristics, management of incomplete outcome data, selective outcome reporting, contamination and other risk of bias identified by the review team.

See Additional file 2 for full list. For non-randomized designs such as case studies and cohort studies, we will use a tool for before-after studies that was developed based on the Newcastle-Ottawa scale [ 30 ] and used in a previous review [ 31 ]. The methodological quality of included studies will be assessed, and we will categorize them into three classes: A low risk of biasB moderate risk of bias and C high risk of bias.

We will refer unresolved disagreement on risk of bias to a third review author. We will consider studies with low risk of bias for all key domains or where it seems unlikely for bias to seriously alter the results. We will consider studies where risk of bias in at least one domain is unclear or judged to have some bias that could raise doubts about the conclusions as having an unclear risk of bias.

We will consider studies with a high risk of bias in at least one domain or judged to have serious bias that decreases the certainty of the conclusions as having a high risk of bias [ 32 ].

kinsmen track meet saskatoon 2013 results

We will not exclude studies from the review classified at high risk of bias. We will retain these studies and include them in a subsequent sensitivity analysis based on the assigned risk of bias. Data analysis and synthesis For the primary review question, that is, the effects of lean management on professional practice and health care outcomes, data will be reported in natural units.

For dichotomous data i. In the case of missing standard deviation, the appropriate transformation will be undertaken [ 32 ].

We will assess the data on resource use, costs and cost-effectiveness according to the methodology used in the individual studies [ 33 ]. Additionally, we will provide the nominal cost data to allow readers to recalculate the results using alternative price indexes.

For the two secondary review questions, all relevant data will be extracted and presented in a tabular form. All outcomes will be counted and grouped in a tabular form into similar implementation activities, complications such as in-hospital complications and the direction of effect reported e. Relevant findings will be categorized and synthesized in the form of a narrative summary using text and evidence tables according to the definitions and implementation strategy reported in the primary study [ 36 ].

Whenever possible, we will attempt to contact the original investigators to request for missing information.

S'toon Kinsmen Indoor Championships

For missing standard deviation, we will recalculate them from the reported statistics provided in these studies e. Combining studies We will make an assessment of the reported lean methodologies, implementation strategies and effects, based upon the quality, size and direction of effects observed or reported. Positive, negative and null effects will be assessed, and studies will be grouped following the methods reported in the primary study.

We will categorize and analyse the review findings according to the study design employed, the study quality low- versus high-quality studies and the method reported in the primary studies.

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The results will be presented in a tabular form. We expect to find both statistical and contextual heterogeneity, given the range of outcomes measured and the many different settings and types of professionals and patients included. This may make statistical pooling impossible, but if there seems be a group of studies amenable to meta-analysis, then a random-effect model will be employed with the results displayed graphically.

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Subgroup analysis We will perform a sub-group analysis of the primary and secondary outcomes reported where applicable. We will group studies according to the following categories: Country s where the study was carried out adjusting for possible market forces.

Setting s where the implementation of lean intervention occurred. Year of publication to assess temporal differences in the outcomes reported over time Sensitivity analysis Sensitivity analysis will be carried out to explore the robustness of the results by investigating the effects of including and excluding studies with high risk of bias and studies with missing information.

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Ongoing studies We will describe identified ongoing studies, where available, detailing the primary author, research question smethods and outcome measures together with an estimate of the reporting date. Discussion Overall, the systematic review aims to identify, assess and synthesize the evidence to underpin the various types of definition, concepts, methodology and effects of lean in health care settings as defined in this protocol. As a result, the review will provide an evidence base for the effectiveness of lean and the types of implementation strategies utilized, based on the review findings and conclusions.

Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. LA and TR led the writing of the protocol; all other review authors provided comment and feedback.

kinsmen track meet saskatoon 2013 results

All review authors will abstract data, undertake analysis and write up the review. Michelle Fiander and VD will take the leadership regarding additional search strategies as defined in this review protocol. TR and NS will give advice on the methodological issues and the statistical analysis.

LK would act as arbitrator should disagreement arise and will give advice on methodological issues. In terms of race, according to the census, [34]or The park showcases the history of the Northern Plains peoples in the region. Since opening init has hosted scores of concerts, theatrical performances, live events such as the Telemiracle telethonhigh school graduation and university convocation ceremonies, and conventions.

It is also home to the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra.

kinsmen track meet saskatoon 2013 results

It recently underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation to its main theatre named in honor of former mayor and senator Sidney Buckwold. Saskatoon was the host city for the Juno AwardsCanada's foremost music industry honours.

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is an annual Shakespeare in the Park festivals held in Saskatoon.

kinsmen track meet saskatoon 2013 results

For rock concerts and major shows, SaskTel Centre is the main venue. It is Saskatchewan's second largest arena, with a capacity of 15, for sporting events and 14, for concerts.

The event is usually held on the last weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August. Activities include a poker derby, dances, and a show 'N' shine with over cars from all over western Canada.