Moonkin talents 3 5a district track meet

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moonkin talents 3 5a district track meet

Dec 8, What is a Druid? III. Druid Skills IV. Talents V. Druid Quests VI. . mob, or when you see somebody just starting to fight a monster for decent results. . Rating: /5 35) Tranquility This is a 'heal all' for the whole party, since this is Rating: 5/5 39) Track Humanoids This is a Cat only skill, and it does what it. As of late, weve had some moonkin questions come through that we, Eclipse state about 70% of the time, absolutely no less than 65%. Again . Even if you have very little gear and can only meet the haste .. Yesterday i've reforged for 10k haste cap, and set my crit cap for 35% after crit suppresion. Posts about talents written by Syrco. I always do at least 3 wins every week. I met many different kinds of players and groups. I don't have a lot of experience from moonkin PvP so I'm always looking for advice and feedback, . at its wake covering the area within 8 yards, slowing all enemy targets by 35% per point.

moonkin talents 3 5a district track meet

It's widely accepted among players that mana became overly abundant at high ilvls in past expansions, which did in some cases undermine the resource management aspect. But the spell selections of each class are still made with the intention of mana being an important factor. They are in Legion just as they have been in the past, with the main change being to avoid having mana grow excessively generously throughout the expansion. Jumping ahead, trinkets are indeed one place where we may provide opporunities to invest in more mana.

But mana regen will not be passively increasing by a large amount simply due to gear advancement, largely for these reasons.

moonkin talents 3 5a district track meet

Having these sorts of spells both the channeled and instant varieties do "significantly more" than usual, as opposed to the overwhelming strength they have on live, might take some getting used to. But there is no reason they won't be strong and helpful spells to use either at specific high-damage encounter moments or simply because the player needs to catch up in a bad healing situation.

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In both of these cases, the intention is that the cooldowns don't completely supplant the normal healing gameplay, but give a boost to output at a key moment. On Tranquility and Divine Hymn in particular, the 8-second channel causes the biggest problem in the dungeon context, and both of these spells will do increased healing outside of raids to account for that.

moonkin talents 3 5a district track meet

The Aura talent row, Aura mastery spell, and corresponding artifact trait are all reworked in an upcoming patch. Among other things, we agree the trait giving Aura Mastery the effect of all three Auras eliminates too much of the significance of the talent choice.

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I want to point out that on live, the dominance of Disc Priest and Paladin in the highest-level raiding is primarily due to their core healing function and not to unique non-healing utility exception in some cases for Hand of Protection, but the removal of Clemency from all specs in Legion reduces that problem significantly.

Avoiding a repeat situation where some healers feel left out of the most optimized Mythic healing groups is likely a question of balancing the actual heals, not of more incidental utility buttons such as Wind Rush, Tiger's Lust, Innervate and so on. To illustrate with numbers: All I am saying is that healers should be able to do something meaningful in this 5th second.

Note that even in your example, you could instead spend every 3rd second on your 50 HPS heal, and save a little mana over your solution that never uses that heal and instead fills every 5th second with DPS. In any situation where healing and mana are a significant challenge, that gameplay is still present, and toolkits with different spells of varying efficiency provide opportunity for more skilled healers to know when and how much to use the cheaper options.

moonkin talents 3 5a district track meet

On 7 While I agree that HFC's healer composition issues stemmed largely from actual healing issues, I still think that more effort can be put towards ensuring that every healer has things they can do that are useful and "cool" beyond filling health bars.

Similar to the above, it is less about power and more that it feels bad to be asked to justify why your spec should be brought when another spec brings X ability and not have an answer. Merely trying to avoid conflating it with major healer balance concerns. Their extras like Body and Soul were comparatively minor.

Similarly, something like Wind Rush isn't intended to dominate the importance of actual healing when deciding what classes or individuals to bring to a raid, and we'll examine it closely if it does. It likely won't, as it's somewhat weaker than the live spell Stampeding Roar which hasn't had such an effect --much smaller radius and no snare break also a 2min cooldown which I believe you haven't seen yet.

One of my favorite parts of Pandaria Thank you! Would be nice if you could see bits of your armour on the form but removing it completely would just be annoying, removing tree of life as a form made me quit playing my resto druid Then Moonkin form should be made a lot more appealing to the eye and integrated as a proper form rather than a stupid pointless and ugly re-skin which puts a lot of people off, including myself.

Resto was fixed in cata, now its balances turn. I have 2 druids now. I only play it because of the look of it. Turning Moonkin form into a CD will just put me off Balance like making Tree Form a cd put me off resto Or how about simply updating the Boomkin form and make it visually more appealing tbh? Plz dont main stream balance, i wanna be special.

I wanna be the tall, fat chicken with horns. Removing shapeshifting, tree of life as cooldown and these glyphs, is like not being a druid anymore. I also cannot describe how much I hate moonkin form. Glyphs seems to be the solution to everything. People are also talking about a new form for balance druids, some say they want the form Malfurion has.

How can you compare yourself with Malfurion the first mortal druid of all time and the greatest arch druid?

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I used to enjoy playing resto in WotLK, before the tree of life change, I miss permantent treant form and wish resto druids still had to be in the form to heal. I had a poll here on my blog last year about what you wanted them to do about Moonkin Form, read the results here.

moonkin talents 3 5a district track meet

As you can see even people in my circle, WoW bloggers and Twitter followers have different opinions. So a few days ago we got this answer from Blizzard: Moonkin Form Model Update I think they deserve a revamp, though, same as cats and bears got. And this is why an improved moonkin model is indeed in the schedule.