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Download the World of Warcraft AddOn you want to install from Extract one addon at a time so that you can keep track of them, and you don't. field coverage. Get rankings, race results, stats, news, photos and videos. UIL 5A - Region 3 by Luedecke Photography UIL 5A - Region 3 · UIL 4A - Region . submitted 3 months ago by VeryCommonUsername .. So I uninstalled the addon so I could have my UI in a playable state. . only WeakAuras and thats it ( since you can track dungeons / raids / frames / spells / everything really). my most essential addons are. ​. Bartender. WeakAuras. DBM. Quartz.

There are several ways, any of the following can be used: Any macro conditional in the game can potentially also be used to control if a Button Forge bar is hidden or visible even during combat To setup a visibility macro click the Eye icon and type in the conditional and then press enter or escape to cancel Some basic examples are: Spec 1 is hidden, and Vehicle is hidden, no visibility macro is set would result in the following state driver: No visibility driver will be set for the bar, and it will always be visible Make the actions on a bar change depending on combat status, or while stealthed, or cat form, etc This actually can't be done, but the same effect can be achieved by taking visibility macros a step further.

You can place several bars into the same position on screen and setup visibility macros so that only 1 is displayed at any given time, I will describe the following example to illustrate how to do this. Lets say you are a druid and want a bar in the center of the screen to have actions for catform and bearform in the same position, and to swap between them depending on your current form: Create a bar and position it where you want, set it's scale and the number of buttons you want on it Optionally add a label to it to help identify it easier in the interface lets make this one the bear bar Drag the abilities you want on to it Set the visibility macro to [bonusbar: What I wrote back then is pretty still relevant it was a while ago, but the UI today is pretty much identical to back then: It's possible to move pretty much all of the UI elements around, to make them fit any resolution you can think of.

Problem is, it does take time and a bit of tweaking. I have a limited amount of time to work on this UI, so I would not be able to keep multiple resolutions update.


As much as I would love to do it for you, and others who ask for a specific resolution, it simply would become a big ol' pain to maintain. Sorry I can, however, give you a few pointers on how to do the job yourself. Use the screenshot below as a reference for the individual UI elements. Most of them are shown in this screenshot: This tool is invaluable - I couldn't have done my UIs without it well, maybe I could've - but it would've been a royal pain in the Unitframes The unitframes are handled by Stuff Unitframes.

The Target, Focus and Party frames all have kgPanels-textures anchored to them, meaning: Elements which are not anchored to their affiliated unitframe include: Casting bars Casting bars are handled by the addon Quartz.

I only make use of the casting bars for Player, Target, Focus and Mirror stuff like countdown to start of AV, breath-meter underwater. You can unlock each of these elements in the Quartz config window.

Player buffs, debuffs, weapon buffs These are handled by an addon called Raven. Raven has loads of options, but all you need to do is find the unlock-option, in the Raven config window. If you're using a resolution which is smaller than the ones I support, you might need to manually reset the Raven elements' coordinates, since they'll otherwise be shown off the screen. Use the MSBT config window to move these around, by going to Scroll Areas in the left side of the config window, and hit the Configure option on the right.

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Those two values do not correlate at all for Gnosis. Q How much performance does Gnosis eat up? A Gnosis' design is quite different to that of castbar addons like Quartz or AzCastbar. All castbars you create will be stored in some sort of table hash table. Every time the WoW client sends events for castbar creation Gnosis will have to run through that table of castbars.

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Every module of modular castbar addons will be called each time creation of any castbar is requested, Gnosis will be called just once. Honestly, I doubt you will see much if any difference between the approaches. The Gnosis approach just makes it a lot easier to have a virtually unlimited amount of castbars. Honestly, Gnosis will need more CPU and memory resources than most other castbar addons due to the fact that it just does a lot more.

Nonetheless I was recently pleasently surprised by the actual resources consumed see most recent performance screenshot. On top of that I had a mouseover castbar activated which requires additional constant scanning which Gnosis wouldn't need to do without one.

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Q What about a super fancy ultra nice border texture? A Gnosis current sleek in my opinion obviously look v1. Therefore I will not add any kind of border texture support to Gnosis.

If you really need some sort of special look I recommend you try out one of those panel mods. Castbar borders act as an indicator for non interruptible spells.

Example with kgpanels every other panel mod should do: Create a new panel and move it around your castbar. The castbar name in this example is Player.