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My relationship with Mudkip started when Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby was Swampert can Mega Evolve into Mega Swampert using the Swampertite, and. Swampert is May's starter Pokémon, given to her by Professor Birch as a Mudkip. As a Mudkip, Swampert was very playful, Relationships in a paddling pool. After evolving into Marshtomp, Swampert became very determined in battle. Nov 24, hoennmudkip is a Mudkip who is owned by a Trainer named Kipper survived, but evolved into a Swampert, as there was nothing preventing him from evolving. Camerput is on a neutral relationship with hoennmudkip.

Similarly, a black fan-like tail fin extends upward from its tail-end. Swampert has a white underside as well as orange ridged padding on its forearms and thighs. Swampert boasts the physical strength to easily drag a boulder weighing more than a ton, batter down opponents, and swim faster than a jet ski. It has keen eyesight, enabling it to see in murky waters.

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Swampert also has the ability to predict storms, sensing subtle differences in the sounds of waves and tidal winds with its fins. When a storm is approaching, Swampert will pile up boulders to protect its nest. It makes its nests on beautiful beaches. Its upper body and arms become more muscular, bulging compared to its squat lower body. The orange padding on Swampert's thighs vanish, but it gains two additional patches of orange padding on each wrist and another patch on each shoulder.

This padding and its gills become a darker, redder shade of orange, while the gills are now larger and bulbous, with filaments extending past its mouth. The black fins on its head are thicker and now extend down past its shoulders. The digits on Mega Swampert's "hands" take on a black color and now feature better defined articulations. Teammates As part of May's team, Mudkip once lived with his fellow teammates.

Sceptile first met Mudkip in Prof. Birch's lab as a Treecko, and is his best friend. Mudkip was startled when Treecko evolved, as it has been demonstrated that hoennmudkip is much tougher than Sceptile. Sceptile resided near the forests of Petalburg, but was quickly found by May who immediately caught Sceptile. Sceptile now lives in disturbed ease, having to destroy level 8s without mercy, and feels sorry when someone dies instead of faints. Camerput is on a neutral relationship with hoennmudkip.

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Camerput was arguably the most powerful Pokemon on May's team, and Kipper was the only one who could calm him down once angry. Camerput now lives on Stark Mountainworshiping Heatran. Wailord was best pals with Numel, but felt hostility towards Sceptile and Mudkip, unlike Camerput.

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Wailord was angered and surprised when he discovered that Camerput was going to Stark Mountain, and they got into a huge argument.

Wailord used Hydro Pump to blow Camerput hundreds of feet away, and swam quickly to his new home of Seafoam Islands, where he lives with Arcticuno. Swellow was the most recent addition to May's team, but had to undergo the same cruel, unusual training.

Swellow was unprepared when the team split, but after a few days, Swellow settled down with some Pidgeottos and Noctowls near the Lake of Rage, taunting the local Gyrados. Mudkip was loosing blood rapidly and it emptied in a "puddle. However, due to the consumption of De-Evolution Serum and having an Everstone transplant, his body built up "evo-mmunities.

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These immunities were heavily enforced, and they quickly emptied the threat into the area of blood loss, where it mixed with Mudkip's blood. The rare candy juice had been filtered insanely, squeezed? Rare Candy's casing protected from a lot of things; levelstandard leveling, no conversion to shiny, etc.

Mudkip drank the puddle which looked a whole lot like piss, and the rare candy puddle mixture entered his body. The evo-mmunities registered the new threat was blood, and the mixture soon destroyed all the evo-mmunities and many other blood cells.

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Afterwards, the puddle began to replace the blood cells with it's new uber cells and many of Mudkip's properties changed. First of all, Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp.