What episode did sonic meet amy

what episode did sonic meet amy

Here's Sonic X Season 4 episode 31, Love at first sight. In this episode, sonic and amy were talking about the time when they first met. Amy Rose (エミー・ローズ, Emī Rōzu), is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog . When he does, Amy kisses him. Sonic defeats Metal Sonic one of Eggman's robots. Amy later meets Sonic, and invites him to an amusement park. How sonic and Amy met. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently.

Knuckles manages to find the last piece of the Master Emerald, and starts to find a way out, when he's sent back into the past again. She tells him that she tried to stop her father, but he didn't listen to her.

Knuckles is then sent back into the present and wonders why he's being sent back to the past.

what episode did sonic meet amy

Big is panicking that he and Chris might not get Froggy back to safety, but a quick drink manages to calm his nerves. Big uses his fishing pole to allow Chris to try to reach Froggy, and he manages to get him. When they reach the deck, they spot Chaos and Eggman. Eggman tells Chaos that Froggy has an unusual tail. He starts chasing Chris and Big, jumps in front of them, and knocks Big down.

Eggman picks up Froggy and chokes the Chaos Emerald out of him. He then feeds it and the Emerald from Lily to Chaos 4 turning him into Chaos 6. He then feeds Froggy to Chaos 6 to give him back his tail.

Chris then climbs on top of Big and attempts to rescue Froggy, but Chaos sucks them in.

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Froggy's tail then disappears and reappears on Chaos. Sonic then appears and sees Chris inside Chaos. He attempts to rescue him, but gets pinned down.

what episode did sonic meet amy

Knuckles shows up holding up the tentacle that had Sonic down. They both then come up with a plan to free Chris, Big, and Froggy.

what episode did sonic meet amy

She sends Sonic fan mail, but Eggman intercepts it and kidnaps her. Sonic rescues her and Tails another Freedom Fighter captured by Eggmanand they leave for the city of Mobotropolis. Although Amy continues trying to join the Freedom Fighters, she is still rejected; when she wishes on an ancient artifact to become older, her immature mind gives her away.

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She helps the group defeating a number of powerful enemies, however, and is admitted after defending a fort from Eggman and his robots. She joins Freedom Fighter subsidiaries—notably the Team Fighters, which includes supporting characters Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot and with whom she rescues Sally and a number of echidnas from Eggman and his army of robots.

Amy is arrested early by two of Eggman's robots for associating with Sonic when she claims to be his girlfriend. Annoyed, Sonic rescues her and realizes she is a fugitive and must remain with the Freedom Fighters. Attacking one of Eggman's machines, Sonic triggers Chaos Control and sends him, Amy, Tails and other characters from their world to Earth.

She is knocked unconscious by the impact, but Chris saves them both.

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Still, Amy got her revenge when she managed to smash a few of the Ballios with her pitches or when she was up at the bat again. Once Sonic's team took the lead though, Eggman cheated to ensure he still escaped with the Chaos Emerald.

what episode did sonic meet amy

Meanwhile, impressed by the game, the team manager Elmer Johnson agreed to move the turf at Diamond Stadium to the new stadium and keep Albert as well for his years of service.

However, while looking for the Emerald, Amy and co. Amy nearly got blown away by the hurricane-like winds from E, but used her hammer and some stakes to keep her grounded to help Chris and Frances. There, Sonic managed to retrieve both Chaos Emeralds before the explosives G. Amy then celebrated the victory over Eggman and at having all three Chaos Emeralds that had appeared so far.

However, he later arrived with Helen in a commandeered G. However, many of the people gave Amy and the others various looks of unease or concern, due to their newfound fame regarding their roles in taking down Eggman's headquarters, and it soon became overwhelming for them. As they left the mall however, Station Square was besieged by Eggman in his new mobile headquarters, the Egg Fortas the doctor unleashed E Toroles and E Falcons on the city.

what episode did sonic meet amy

Using the X Tornado, Amy and co. Before it did though, Sonic managed to send the Egg Fort into the ocean. After that, Amy reunited with Sonic, and both of them looked out over the water as Tails pointed out that Eggman would not quit anytime soon. Sonic managed to defeat E though, and the gang got away with the Chaos Emerald. However, the castle turned out to be haunted by King Boom Boo and his Boom minions, who kidnapped everyone except Amy and Chris.

After they duped Amy into releasing them from their imprisonment, King Boom Boo restrained her so she could be possessed by one of his lackeys, causing her to attack Chris. However, she hesitated to finish him off in the presence of the Talisman. Chris used that moment to free Sonic from the ghosts' captivity with the Talisman, who managed to exorcise Amy and return her to normal.

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They then freed Lindsey and the others, and escaped from King Boom Boo, though not without sealing him up in a way that might have allowed some of his Booms to still escape. Later, Sonic tried using Amy to get home; using her affection for him, he convinced Amy to act like she had gone crazy so they had a reason to head home.

However, when Amy learned of Sonic's deceit, she hunted Sonic down in retaliation to punish him. Thanks to the advice of one of the ship's senior citizens, and a very angry Ella in the X Tornado though, Sonic regained his confidence and defeated the Egg Fort II. During the race, Amy cheered on Sonic, who was able to win the race by a large margin.