7 guys you meet on tinder at

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7 guys you meet on tinder at

Updated Aug 7, · Author has answers and k answer views . You' ll literally meet the same type and caliber of guys on Tinder as you would. Tinder is full of all kinds of different lads but no matter how much you use the app, the same type of blokes always appear again and again. I'd heard some ruckus about Tinder a few months back, and finally, with some hesitation and a tinge of embarrassment, I downloaded the.

Then he'll turn up in your texts saying "Hey, stranger.

7 guys you meet on tinder at

Avoid this man, unless you're looking for a fun Friday night. He will take you to a bar. He will always take you to a bar on every date that you go on, presumably because he is too hyperactive and distracted for a sit-down meal. A pickup line, usually, "Intriguing profile pic. The Joker He claims to be a challenge because he tells offensive jokes on the first date. He disdains anything PC, and says that most people just don't "get" him. He loves gritty reboots of superhero movies, has a complicated relationship with his mother and has seriously considered stand-up comedy as a career.

Avoid, if you're hoping that you'll discover a delightful personality underneath the layers of brooding edginess. Date him if you don't mind the fact that you can't go anywhere with a dress code: He has somehow managed to reach the age of 28 without acquiring a single button-down shirt, which is an achievement.

The Entrepreneur You could date this guy for 10 months and still not know exactly what he does, because all you get is the vague "I'm doing a start-up" or "I'm into entrepreneurship. If you tell him this, he'll snap: The Entrepreneur applies business principles to his dating life, and will text you to "network and chill" at 3am. Luckily, he always has the family inheritance to fall back on if his startup fails.

Date him if you don't mind getting an Ayn Rand book for Valentine's Day. The Patron The only way to avoid this man is to set narrow age preferences.

7 guys you meet on tinder at

He's a man in his 30s and up who is wearing a suit and smoking a cigar in at least one of his pictures. Needless to say, the picture is black and white. He says age is just a number, but exclusively dates somethings. He describes himself as a "gourmet.

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Date him only if you need a life coach or if you want to play mini-golf on Sundays with old people. Put your shirt back on. This may be the male equivalent to a girl holding a snake around her shoulders. I once matched with a guy who won The Amazing Race. Even he had his shirt on. The guy who is…not single. He and his wife are aiming to get a little creative, perhaps.

Fair enough, I guess. Good looking via pictures. So you meet up. Hey, hi, how are you, do we hug or…nope, oh okay, side hug. Yeah, you said that already.

7 guys you meet on tinder at

Could I maybe get another drink? And just a musician.

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However, I did match with a famous drummer once. The guy, who, — gasp — is actually decent.

7 guys you meet on tinder at

You pause long enough to scroll through all of his pictures. His profile makes you smile or arch a brow. You have a drink that turns into a four-hour conversation and many more dates to follow. He holds your hand, offers you his coat, and you realize that maybe, just maybe, not every guy on Tinder is a total nut job. More From Thought Catalog.