How you meet the selection criteria definition

How to reply to selection criteria

how you meet the selection criteria definition

Those applicants who are able to successfully and competitively demonstrate that they meet each of the selection criteria will usually. Describing how you meet the selection criteria will make sure that all the information You need to provide concrete examples that demonstrate your skills and. List examples in dot points that show how you meet the selection criteria — describe relevant skills, experience, incidents, training, personal qualities and.

In this case, give the document a heading and include the following details: Content Your statement addressing the selection criteria needs to demonstrate how your previous experience, skills, education and training have equipped you to meet the requirements of the position for which you're applying.

  • Address each selection criteria with a short statement
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite of Products
  • Changing Careers

Below are some guidelines on what to include in the statement you write for each criterion. Highlight your relevant skills and experience by describing your major responsibilities in current or previous employment this may include relevant non-paid work.

how you meet the selection criteria definition

Where possible, mention the same kinds of tasks and responsibilities as are listed in the advertised position description. My responsibilities have included organising meetings, researching background information, taking minutes, and preparing and distributing agendas, reports and minutes.

I regularly use advanced features of the program, such as If your experience is limited, you may prefer to be vague about how much you have!

You could do this by referring to feedback you've received from others, suggestions you have made that have been adopted, changes you have implemented that are still being used. Committee, and circulated as a discussion paper.

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Back to top Additional Information Either at the end of your selection criteria statement, or in your Covering Letter, you may like to add any extra information that you believe is relevant to the job.

Include examples from other jobs, experience gained outside or work, or from your formal studies. Be precise and make it relevant. Review your list and structure your response using the SAO approach, shown below. Situation — where and when you did something Action — what you did and how you did it Outcome — what was the result of your actions Check that each statement is 60 to words long.

Key selection criteria examples Here's some examples of how selection criteria responses might look like. Problem solving - Seeks all relevant facts.

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Analyses issues from different perspectives and draws sound inferences from available data. Identifies and proposes workable solutions.

Problem solving has been a critical part of my roles over the past five years. While many could be resolved easily, two to three per week were more complex and required a detailed process to resolve.

how you meet the selection criteria definition

I had to investigate what had happened from the staff and customer's points of view, clarify the facts, and work out what had gone wrong and why.

I then had to propose suitable solutions and negotiate a mutually satisfactory outcome. I was often commended by my manager for my sensitive handling and speedy resolution of these problems.

how you meet the selection criteria definition

Less than one per cent of complaints had to be escalated. Advanced computer skills - Uses a wide range of software features for word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

Selection Criteria - responses and examples