Ill meet you halfway right at the borderline

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ill meet you halfway right at the borderline

"Meet Me Halfway" is the third single from the Black Eyed Peas' fifth studio album The E.N.D. Prefix magazine stated, "Meet Me Halfway is notable mostly for being better than a 'new-wavey' ballad by The Black Eyed Peas has any right to be. the X Factor finalists' cover of "You Are Not Alone" and finally Lady Gaga's. I wanna to have you around round like every single day. I love you alway' ways. Can you meet me half way (I'll meet you halfway) Right at the borderline. Can you meet me halfway, right at the borderline. Is where I'm gonna wait, for you . I'll be looking out, night n' day. Took my heart to the limit, and this is where I.

ill meet you halfway right at the borderline

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