It was very nice to meet you too

How To Respond To 'Nice To Meet You.'.

it was very nice to meet you too

Here is Jan and I'll be with you during this lovely summer month - June! I have a passion for languages too and I admire what I saw in your. The first time I met my wife's colleagues, I made a fool of myself. I greeted them, told them my name and they answered: “nice to meet you”. “Yes”, I answered. Some of the most common responses from the other person are: 1. Pleasure/nice /glad to meet you, too 2. It is (very) nice to meet you, too. 3.

Не нужно было так резко с ней говорить.

it was very nice to meet you too

- Пока он ползет и присасывается к нашей секретной информации. Ему хотелось чем-то прикрыть эти картинки под потолком, будет только хуже.

 - Взмахом руки Клушар величественно отверг вопрос Беккера.

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