Meet you there meaning

Of Right And Wrong, Of Love And Rumi – P.S. I Love You

meet you there meaning

(I'm) pleased to meet you meaning, definition, what is (I'm) pleased to meet you: used as a polite greeting when you meet : Learn more. Now you're gone / I wonder why you left me here / I think about it on and on again / I know you're never / Coming back / But I hope that / You can hear me. They mean slightly different things: 'I will come' suggests that the meeting place is closer to the persion you are going to meet, 'I will go' suggests the meeting.

In case you missed it, the previous installment is a list of alternate professions for writers. Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.

Meet You There (song)

Rumi is a magician. His very existence is a dream so universal, he is an aspiration who can be and is pursued by poets, philosophers, thinkers, writers, spiritualists, and romantics alike. There is nobody like Rumi. These lines by Rumi are so fluid and dense, different people tend to find different meaning depending on their experiences and spiritual moorings.

Each meaning is as true as the other, however distinct. Because Sufi thoughts are nothing if not inclusive, and Rumi pioneers them like the emperor of words he is.

English Phrase: See you (there/then)! |

One of the most common interpretation of these lines pertains to love and lovers, often used in the context of stories that tackle complex star crossed romances. Love even in its most conventional, visceral form is a force beyond material bonds and has the power to elevate the lovers into a plane where right and wrong become immaterial, where the worldly human considerations lose their meaning and relevance, and where mortal limitations have no hold.

Love is a realm in itself which in its purest form is independent of worldly obligations and outcomes. In essence, a love story that we may deem a tragedy may have achieved the ultimate spiritual zenith, a true salvation for the lovers who may seem to have lost it all.

Nothing within the material realm, nothing bogged down by petty, earthly, visceral considerations could have an appeal that continues to endure the tests of time, without as much as fading in relevance or charm. There has to be something in these stories, in the idea of love they encapsulate which is beyond our mortal comprehension. Something deep, spiritual and older than time.

Something that ties them to the soul of this very Universe, ensuring that they shall exist for as long as this Universe chooses to be sentient. Because what is true for fiction, is true in life as well, only in much subtle and less melodramatic terms.

Love is a constant presence in all our lives in various forms and formats whether we realize it or not. Love is also a powerful spiritual force that can alter our lives drastically and lead us on to the path of an emotionally and spiritually fulfilling existence. But in order to unleash the power of love in our lives, we need to remember that material success of love is very different from its spiritual destiny, and in order to understand love, and let it flow in our lives unhindered, we need to delineate our material consideration from spiritual.

meet you there meaning

We need to let our love be, allow it to thrive in its purest, most honest, most natural, most selfless, most spiritual form. Then and only then, can we experience love to its fullest and harness the spiritual force that it actually is. How we need to let go off the externally imposed, artificially designed understanding of right and wrong to be able to experience the power of this existence, the Universe, our souls as a whole.

meet you there meaning

The power that is love. But of course, Rumi was a true Sufi, and for Sufis, the only love that matters is the love of their beloved, their Almighty, their God, the Higher soul that is the fountain of all souls. And for a power that supreme, for the Higher consciousness that created us all, for the Universe that is pure energy and operates in planes that are absolutely beyond our logical, emotional or spiritual grasp, all human ideas of right and wrong are immaterial.

Out beyond the ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field… Imagine a love that flows from a source that is nothing but compassion and truth.

Following instructions results in approval and is rewarded. Being suddenly thrown into a situation where we have to trust in our own decisions and think for ourselves is scary. The more you question your actions, the more you also begin to question your motives.

I'll Meet You in the Field of Love - Healing and Transformation

Why do we seek the approval of others? Are we truly responsible for the emotions of others? Can we determine the outcome of a situation? Through these questions we begin to dig deep underneath the external layers and build confidence in our decisions.

meet you there meaning

We begin to put trust in ourselves and realise there is no need to seek external approval for your actions. You learn that you are responsible for your actions not the outcome. Any hurt caused by your actions is not in your control or influence and the hurt is often to ones ego. That is not to say you should not consider the consequences, we all live in one world and must consider our role in each others lives, but we must question ourselves.

Are we acting in the interest of our ego or our true self?

meet you there meaning

Nafs, ego, has a huge role to play in the world in which we live today. We worry about others, about the way we are perceived, about what others believe are the right and wrong things to do. But once we begin to look beyond our egos, we elevate our souls and eventually those problems which would drag us down seem so insignificant.