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Jump to: Overview (3) | Mini Bio (1) | Trade Mark (2) | Trivia (14) | Personal Quotes (90) I think being nice and being safe is unfair to yourself when you have big . And that's the kind of thing people think, you know, that if you sign up to be a. Via microblogging website Twitter, Jessie J announced her first arena tour, called Nice to Meet You Tour (later renamed Alive Tour due to the release of her. The official blurb for Jessie's first biography promises her "really story" and Jessie J will release her autobiography Nice To Meet You on 27th.

Otherwise it all gets a bit samey same. Look after yourself; remember that you only consist of your being, so make the best of what you have and look after it. Put good things into your body; eat well. It's weird because when you initially write a song, you write it with no understanding that the world is maybe going to hear it one day.

So when you go into the studio, you don't see the hundreds of people at a gig or the viewers on TV, you just write a song without any inhibitions or boundaries. I'm glad I was faced with different cultures when I was growing up because I wasn't fazed by it. It has been a huge benefit to me; I feel comfortable wherever I go.

The way I look at it, a footballer wouldn't play in flip-flops or dip their feet in acid and then expect to get to David Beckham's level. My voice is my living, so I'll be looking after it. You know, as a woman, it is tough to get to the top - like to get to that respected level in this industry - in any industry, I think. I see my music as Emotional Therapeutic Pop music that bleeds into loads of different genres.

I'm glad I've had to struggle. It's made me the artist I am now. I'm someone who'd never base how happy I am on how much money I have, or how good a restaurant is because of how posh it is. I do my own make-up a lot of the time, and I'm very involved in what I wear. I've been in dance schools since I was four. I went to the Brit school. I did adverts and plays. I won't lie - when you're first bringing out music and you want people to notice, you probably overdo it, especially as a girl.

Songs lay a foundation of who I am going to be forever. I'm not afraid to have no make-up on and no hair. I just want to be stripped back. I'd love to have a fashion range; I've been dressed by the amazing Vivienne Westwood, and fashion is something I'm a huge fan of.

If I'm on a bus and someone makes my blood boil, I'll pocket those emotions and put them in a song. Some of the stage outfits I've got are ridiculous. I'll lay out clothes to pack, and it'll look like Polly Pocket clothing - because it's all stretchy, it's tiny. I don't need a case when I tour; I can fit it all in my handbag.

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When I turned 25, something changed in me. I started thinking I want my kids to look back and say, 'Wasn't Mummy amazing? The best gift a fan could give me is undeniable support. I like my life to be pure and clean and organised, and I like to have had eight hours' sleep a night.

I honestly don't think I'd be as successful if I was a party animal. Because I don't think my personality would be as focused and open as it is. As an artist, I try and be controversial, and I have been a bit offensive at times.

I have a view on the burka, and I'm sure a few of the Muslim girls and their families would have a view of me on stage in next to nothing! I'm so hard on myself that when I'm in the studio, I'll write 10 songs and only use one. So those nine songs that are left over, I always think, 'Where could these go?

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Who could they be for? My attitude goes back to my childhood. I used to audition for theatrical roles, and you can't stand out in a room full of ambitious eight-year-old girls by acting the wallflower. I realised then that I couldn't do things half-heartedly. I'd hate it if everyone in the world liked me, my music and what I wore. It'd make it boring, and I wouldn't have anything to work towards. It's not to everyone's taste, but I can only be me.

The only thing I want to be defined by is my music and personality. I know I've got the right friends because they understand when they haven't seen me for three months and then when I do see them, it's exactly as it was before. I'm not a natural runner. How do you just do that? I will do it. Whoopie doo guys, yes, I've dated girls and I've dated boys - get over it. I feel like a lot of the industry and media portray this image of what beautiful is, or how you should dress, or how you should look, and I don't think it's healthy.

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I think everybody has a moment in their career where you have to test whether it was right or wrong. We've all been there. I've looked back at performances of my own, where only you know if it is something you want to repeat. As long as you know when it's not right that you don't repeat it all the time. There are a lot of people holding on to the old Jessie J - whatever that means - but I think there's a lot more people realizing what I'm about. I think people like it. I have calmed down my look.

Is it really necessary to wear all that jewelry and makeup at 7 A. When you're tired, you start to over-compensate by wearing too much bling. If I did meet somebody, I would only ever make room for someone that loved me how I deserved to be loved. I've got my shoes, I've got my album, my dog. I am a very honest person, and I can only say there are moments in my life where I really did think I was being me in the sense of my morals and beliefs and the way I acted.

But when I look back at certain things that I wore and my hair and make-up, I was like, 'Whoa! I started to look like a cartoon character with the fringe and the catsuits.

Yes, I want to change and mix it up. I want to change my hair, change my style.

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I want to be allowed to grow. When I look back, I can see why people thought I was aggressive. I'm confident - but I'm not arrogant. I noticed this little girl. I said "Can you sing, I feel like you can" she said "Yes" I said "I have 20 mins left in my set and 15 mins of music, that means I have 5 minutes of time.

I want to give those 5 minutes to you" Her face lit up she ran up on stage I asked her name "Adalia and I am 10 years old" I whispered in her ear "do you want to sing Price tag" she said "No Jessie J I want to sing masterpiece" that was the next song on the setlist. I was like "Okaaaaay girl let's go - track or acoustic" Adalia said "track" I said "first or second verse" she said "first please" WHEN Atalia opened her mouth to sing. Those moments you can't stage.

Light, energy, love gave us all that moment. Sweet Talker and hiatus Her third studio album Sweet Talker was released on 13 October in the UK, [61] where it peaked at number 5.

Inshe became the judge and mentor of The Voice Australia. InJessie J joined the cast of voices for Ice Age: The song was eventually not released as a single and was not included in the soundtrack.

Four songs from R. In OctoberJessie J began her R. She also set a record by winning 5 rounds, with 3 rounds won in a row leading to the finals. She also set the record for highest average rank 1. In May her fourth studio album R. Problems playing this file? Jessie J doesn't have even a fraction of their restraint.

However, she pointed out the possible "identity crisis" that might have been caused by Jessie's songwriter past: There's Rihanna Jessie 'Do It Sullivan also complimented Cornish's attitude: She said, "Her hard work, her dedication, and how she deals with having the world stare at her every move, personally and professionally, with such dignity and strength, is inspiring.

Of her fans, she has said, "They're amazing, and they're the only reason I'm here at the VMAs and people know who I am They support me and buy my albums and singles, and they stand outside hotels, and they come to shows, and they get tattoos of my lyrics and they cut their hair like me.

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