So glad to meet you destiel

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so glad to meet you destiel

"The stars are amazing tonight, Dean." Castiel's eyes twinkled as he grinned up at the stars hanging in the sky like lights. Cas lied down next to Dean and fit his. Season 12 was so full of Destiel moments (like who the fuck gives life and I mean that's up to debate whether he is so happy that he is glad that the (hope you understood me) THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL VIDEO THANK YOU!. Nice to meet you. Unpopular Opinion: Sometimes I feel like Jared has no idea of So got to do this with Jared. Supernatural Cartoon, Supernatural Drawings.

It's not like it's out of the way or anything. And besides," Dean added, glancing over at someone in the passenger seat, "what are neighbors for?

He seems nice enough. You know what's the harm, said a bitter, somewhat mocking voice in Castiel's head. You can't get close to people.

so glad to meet you destiel

It's just one ride Who says it needs to mean anything? Don't be stupid, Cassie.

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You know you can't separate yourself from your feelings. It's just one of your many flaws. Castiel snapped out of his internal dispute at the sound of Dean's voice. Don't bother; no one up there is listening, Castiel thought bitterly. Dean turned his head so his gaze fell on Castiel, and he was once again struck by the beauty of the young man's jade eyes.

Castiel ran his fingers through his hair in exasperation as he checked his watch.

He let out a frustrated sigh when he realized that he was running far behind schedule. Of course, I wouldn't be running late in the first place if these two weren't so stubborn. He was somewhat short, clearly still awaiting puberty. He had shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes. He seemed a few years younger than Dean and, judging by the textbooks in his lap, smarter as well. As if sensing Castiel's gaze on him, the boy turned around and smiled. He supposed it was because he reminded Castiel of himself when he was younger.

so glad to meet you destiel

Back when he still believed there was good in the world. He doubted he could ever be upset when it came to Dean - one look at those eyes and he could feel his anger melt away. Sammy was a chubby year-old. I don't speak Little Bitch," Dean retorted with a smirk, breaking eye contact with Castiel. Castiel stopped listening to the brothers' bickering, figuring that was the end of his role in the conversation.

But to his surprise, Dean asked him another question. Castiel stared in return. My mother and I moved here a month ago.

so glad to meet you destiel

Castiel went rigid, not liking where the conversation was headed. Dean, sensing Castiel's discomfort, tried to change the subject. Castiel didn't bother to explain that the peace and quiet was exactly why they had chosen Lawrence. He wasn't worried about becoming bored - Castiel could easily find ways to entertain himself - and besides, he would be spending most of his time taking care of his mother.

Yes, Lawrence was exactly what they needed. It was a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate.

so glad to meet you destiel

And at least here he knew he was safe. Castiel didn't trust himself to speak, so he just nodded. The new man wrapped an arm tighter around him and oh god he smelled amazing. His voice was growley and low. To Castiel's mortification, he felt something stir low in his stomach.

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The other guy raised his hands in surrender and left. When he was out of view, the beautiful man pressed against him let him go and slid onto the stool next to him.

Castiel still couldn't speak. Luke never takes no for an answer. He was still stunned by the past sixty seconds, where this aggressive macho guy had just turned into a shy, quiet man defending Castiel against creepy strangers. It was a strange mixture of calloused and soft, something that Castiel wanted to ask him about.

I like me better when I'm with you. [13x06]

He wanted to ask him about a lot of things, and have that arm around him again, and maybe kiss him to see how full his lips could get, then kiss him some more. He realized he was staring and dropped Dean's hand. He didn't want to scare this one off. But Dean just laughed. Just because you're gorgeous doesn't give everyone the right to hit on you.

so glad to meet you destiel

This guy… this god thought he was attractive? Dean was literally perfect, how could Castiel even compare? Dean's smile was beautiful. Castiel frequently stared at things, it was just something he did, but most people were weirded out by it.

Dean just stared right back. He rolled his eyes. Gabriel would choose that minute to come up. Gabriel, this is Dean, who saved me from an asshat earlier. Gabriel glanced at Dean, then Castiel, then back to Dean. You don't really seem like you like it here and I work down at The Roast, so twenty percent discount. Here's my number," he glanced around and swiped a pen from behind the bar. His hand was cradled in Dean's, and his thumb held his fingers out as the pen left ink in the form of ten digits.

He was slow to let go of Castiel's hand.


The guy said something to Dean, and he gave him a light punch to the shoulder, pushing him to get out of the bar. He turned, throwing one last smile at Castiel before they left the bar. Some day he'd thank Gabriel for bringing him to that atrocious bar.