Thank you note for alumni meet

thank you note for alumni meet

Jul 26, Many thanks to all of our many volunteers for being active in the Loyola University New Orleans Alumni Association! We would like to extend. A Letter From The Director: Giving Thanks - Central Washington University As we look towards preparing for Thanksgiving, I encourage you to reflect on the and opportunities for students to meet alumni working in their field of interest. May 25, Follow Up Letters to Alumni Met at College Networking Events each networking event working on custom letters for each contact you met. It is essential to remember that these letters are intended primarily to give thanks for advice and message sent to follow up after meeting with an alumni contact.

This might mean practicing a random act of kindness, making a donation to those in need at the F. I would also encourage you to consider giving back in support of our students at CWU.

If you are looking for some inspiration I would encourage you to check out our feature on the phenomenal work Ruth Harrington is doing. One opportunity we are really excited about is the continued growth and development of our mentoring program that is directed by our Alumni Coordinator, Laura Sanchez.

The work Laura is doing to help pair our current students with alumni mentors is incredibly powerful. If you would like to learn about how you can serve in this capacity, please reach out to Laura and she can help connect you with our Professional Network. Much like our feature on Sean Cook this month, we are delivering on the promise to provide our students with the best educational experience possible and constantly looking to improve on that service.

Another example of how our alumni are contributing to the success of our current students is through site visits and opportunities for students to meet alumni working in their field of interest. Last week we had the pleasure of taking 28 students on a site visit of the Boeing facilities in Everett.

If you would like to set up a similar tour with your company please contact our Director of Program Development, Ashley Gillum. I encourage each of us to continue to express our support and appreciation through our everyday actions, not just on Veterans Day but throughout the year as our service men and women have made the greatest sacrifice in order to provide us with the liberties we enjoy today.

We had a remarkable time recognizing our Distinguished Alumni and the class of as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. We will host a meet and greet dinner with the team and coaches in addition to alumni and prospective students following the CWU vs Chaminade game.

Salem High School Alumni Association - Thank You Notes - Past Scholarship Recipients

Thank you for investing in future generations. As I sat and listened to the speakers and the Honored Alumnus during the Alumni Banquet, it became more evident that I was about to join a group of successful, service-based, sincere people, coming from the same place I did.

As I go off to experience the world and what it has to offer, to follow my dreams wherever they take me, I can go knowing that I have a community of support and a family who's waiting for me to come home. I am honored to be a recipient of the Academic Merit Scholarship. I have loved every hour spent in this high school and am grateful to be a part of its history. This summer I will be participating in an internship on a Naval Base in Guam, and I now feel more confident coming back with funds available for my fourth year of college.

I would not be able to gain these educational and cultural experiences without your generous and continuous support. I quoted Oprah Winfrey in my high school graduation speech: It really means a lot to me that I was selected for this scholarship.

Colley's community involvement is something that I aspire to. I will be majoring in Microbiology at Miami University.

The financial assistance you have provided will be of great help to me, allowing me to concentrate more of my time to studying. I am so thankful to be from a community like Salem.

thank you note for alumni meet

Even though I graduated seven years ago, the people of Salem continue to help me accomplish my goals. Thank you so much for this incredibly generous gift. The help you have provided to me, and to countless other Salem High School graduates, is simply remarkable. Thank you, sincerely, for everything.

Homecoming Thank You • President's Office Colorado College

It is greatly appreciated and will enable me to pursue a degree in nursing. This money will allow me to focus on my education rather than stress about paying for it. I really appreciate the generosity Thank you very much for your generosity.

The assistance from this award has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist. This was an incredible experience that I will not soon forget.

I am so thankful to have grown up in a community that supports and cares for us young adults as we continue on our journey in life. No matter where I go or what I do in life, there will always be a little space in my heart for Salem. Your help and belief in me motivate me to continue working to do my best academically.

I will put it to good use as I continue my education at KSU.

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I plan to major in Criminology and Justice Studies, hoping one day I can help and serve the community. Thanks to your scholarship I am one step closer to achieving my medical degree. Considering the extraordinarily high costs of college, I know I would not be able to accomplish this on my own.

Your generosity has pushed me to continue to work hard in order to accomplish my dreams and to prove that I am worthy of this scholarship.

thank you note for alumni meet

I can't express how much I appreciate your generosity. Even though it's been four years since I've graduated high school, it's a good feeling to know that SHSAA still 'has my back. It is a huge relief to know that hard work and determination do pay off in the end--getting good grades helped me become more knowledgeable and paid off part of my tuition in the process. With this scholarship I will study musical theatre at Youngstown State University.

Theatre is something I am very passionate about, and I have you to thank for helping me make my passion a lot easier to pursue. I am so proud to be a Quaker and couldn't have been more blessed than to have grown up in this wonderful town. I plan to major in Computer Engineering with hopes of pursuing a career in robotics.

The financial assistance you provided will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses and will allow me to concentrate more of my time on studying.

This scholarship will allow me to develop my skills through education. Robert Sebo College Scholarship recipients. The scholarship will help me in furthering my education. Thank you for this amazing gift. This award not only relieves financial stress but truly shows how supportive the alumni association is to my future career, and that is a gift that exceeds all others.

The scholarship is ultimately a steppingstone in the direction towards my life goal and dreams. Your generosity reminds me of the positive impact a small town organization can have towards aiding the youth of this amazing community.

The money received will greatly help to fund my education at Hiram College in Biology and Biomedical Humanities. I hope to one day give back to the association so that future Salem graduates may benefit as well. Thank you for everything--I'm so proud to be a Quaker. With the help of this scholarship, I am able to take extra credits and graduate this June one full year early!

With your help I am able to live my dreams and study in one of the best cities in the world for my line of work. It is the support I feel from your organization, the community of Salem, and my friends and family that makes it possible for me to be here doing what I love. I will be completing a year-long internship with the organization Men Stopping Violence beginning in October in Atlanta. College will be both a difficult task and an exciting adventure.

My thanks for the opportunity you have generously given me and thank you for believing in my ability to succeed.

My gratitude can not be fully expressed. This scholarship will further my education and help me make SHS, the teachers, and the Class of proud. It means so much to me to have community support behind my education and only pushes me to do my best in order to honor those that have supported me. I'm so blessed to be able to call myself a Quaker.

Thank you for providing me with the support to chase my dreams. The money will be going towards my tuition at Kent State University.

A Message from the Director of Alumni Relations: Thank You for Volunteering!

It's good to know that all my hard work has paid off. I am so grateful to have grown up in a community as loving and caring as Salem.

thank you note for alumni meet

I had a great time, met new friends, and learned a lot more about music. I appreciate the generosity of the donors for taking money out of their own pockets and donating it to help students, like myself, continue our education and become successful in life.