The 5 people you meet in heaven rising action

The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Araceli Ramos on Prezi

the 5 people you meet in heaven rising action

Eddie asks every person he meets in heaven if he saved the little girl. The rest of the book Section 2: Section two of the book is the rising action. In this section. Rising Action: The rising action in the story was when he Eddie started The “ Five People You meet in Heaven” is way easier to understand for. Riley Wilson. Updated 8 January Transcript. By: Riley Wilson. Tala. Point of View.

The setting helped relate the message of Ruby who wanted to go back to the time where her life was still simple life; 4 Wedding receptions, I believe this setting symbolized the importance of weddings, no matter what cultures, they all symbolize true love which is universal and unconditional; 5 River, the flowing of the river gave the audience the idea that this is where the resolution will take place—where finds meaning to his life and career: From the detailed explanation of the settings above, I believe it greatly affect the other elements of the story for the settings help build the characters in a way that the audience get to know them better throughout the settings.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven Part 1 English Online

Moreover, the settings darkness, environment, etc. If the story was set on a different place or time, it would greatly affect the story because the places where the events occurred are greatly intertwined with the characters of the story therefore it would change how the characters would act in the events in the story http: The exposition is on the starting chapter or first chapter, although in every consecutive chapter appears an expository part about the character.

The rising action in the story was when he Eddie started meeting all the four people for in this event that he meets each of them, a lesson and something about Eddie is being revealed. Every time Eddie meets someone, the suspense part starts building up.

Eddie meets Tala Climax: The climax in the story was when Eddie met the fifth person, Tala. I felt it was the conflict for it was where revelations were made in the story, where Eddie actually killed Tala. The falling action was when Tala told Eddie that he killed her and when she started telling the story on how she was killed. This realization gives a flashback to the audience on why and how Eddie died. Turning Points in the story: I believe that in each person Eddie meets in heaven, it was a turning point for in each person, Eddie changes his perspective about life—he comes to realize that his former notions on things are wrong therefore changing his perspective in perspective.

But I believe that the exact event where Eddie had an explicit turning point was when he met the fifth person, Tala. Eddie came to see that all this time, his life had a purpose which is to keep children safe.

It was I guess the same point where the resolution of the conflict took place. The story included flashbacks; there were flashbacks in every consecutive chapters.

the 5 people you meet in heaven rising action

It was explicitly stated by the first sentences of each chapter such as: He is eight years old. He sits on the edge of a plaid couch, his arms crossed in anger. His mother is at his feet, tying his shoes. His father is at the mirror, fixing his tie. Comparison to other works: The main characters in the story are: The secondary characters in the story are: Brief Background of Main Characters: He was taken on a journey to meet five people in heaven The Blue Man b.

His real name is Joseph Corvelzschick. He drank silver nitrate, a chemical which makes his skin turn blue. He was killed by the young Eddie in an accident. Ruby and Eddie d. Ruby Pier was named after her. She was the wife of Emile, the one who built the Ruby pier.

She died in the age of 47 because brain tumor. She is a Filipina, probably in the age of five or six. She was murdered by Eddie. The link between Major and Minor Characters: The minor characters are linked with the major characters in a way that they helped build up the characterization of the major characters.

All characters are dynamic. Eddie and his Father Based from my analysis of the story, both the main and major characters are dynamic for their ideals, beliefs, perceptions on things changed in the end of the story. It was in this line where I felt that Eddie comes to realize and accept the fact that he has to let go of his anger: You shut me out.

Five People You Meet In Heaven Plot Structure

Why did you do it? Can we let it go? Another event was when Eddie met the Captain. It was in this event where Eddie hated his Captain for having his leg injured. The injury which Eddie got from the war started his long-life depression, making him work on the pier. In the end, Eddie asks forgiveness from the Captain because he did not know that the Captain sacrificed his life for his life: I had no idea, sir.

There were no characters that are foils for each other for the characters present in the story have their individual characteristics and aims in the story. Comparing to other works: Both the characters changed their point of view about their life in the end, with the help of their minor characters—the five people Eddie meets in heaven, and the cockroach, scorpion, etc.

I see two kinds of conflicts in the story, both external and internal conflicts which I will be explaining in detail by tracing its development and resolution. Eddie versus his father. In the point of view of Eddie, he thought his entire life that his father never loved, cared, and appreciated him.

His father was always drunk and violent that he beats Eddie and his brother. After returning from the injury Eddie had from the war, his father attempted to hit him but Eddie blocked his father, and from that point onward, his father never spoke to him again.

Eddie never liked his father even until his death. It was through Ruby where Eddie was able to forgive his father. The conflict is about the young and old Eddie. When he was younger, specifically when he was not yet joining the war, he was very enthusiastic about life.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Riley Wilson by Riley Wilson on Prezi

He was happy and content with what he has. He even dreamed to be an Engineer and voluntarily decided to sign up as a soldier. After the war, he had his leg injury which turned the young Eddie into an unhappy, depressed, and bitter man.

He never liked his job and found his life useless. Although it was the opposite scenario in the book, I felt it was the best movie which can best explain the conflict even to the young ones.

In the first chapter we are introduced to Eddie on his 83rd birthday. We learn that Eddie is the maintenance man at Ruby Pier and that he tests the amusement rides to ensure their safety. We also learn that Eddie dies from a falling amusement cart and journeys to heaven where the remainder of the story takes place.

In the first chapter, we are also introduced to the little girl who Eddie tries to save from the falling amusement. In the exposition it is also worthy to note how the major theme of the novel is foreshadowed: This irony that such events were intertwined is foreshadowing the major theme of the novel that there are no random acts in life. Rising Action The Rising Action is the events that build from the conflict.

There are several conflicts in this story occurring simultaneously: When Eddie and his father stop speaking to each other, this causes the conflict to become more severe.

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Eddie was also in a state of conflict with himself after he returned from the war. His injury caused him great depression and lack of motivation to do much with his life. He continuously questioned his purpose in life and how it would have been different had he left Ruby Pier. Climax The climax is the high point of the story and also the point at which the outcome can be predicted.

The climax of this novel occurs near the end when Eddie meets Tala in heaven.

the 5 people you meet in heaven rising action

The action of the story continues to rise until Tala tells Eddie that he burned her.